PML(N) government took the reins of the country at a turbulent time. In 2013, the PML(N) inherited an economy that was in shambles, a security situation that was untenable, and a power shortage that was almost insurmountable. Through visionary ideas translated into bold initiatives and hard work, the PML(N) government has not only steered the ship away from the wreck, but also set a new direction of growth, prosperity, security and strengthened democracy.

Significant steps were taken by the PML(N) leadership to leverage Pakistan’s geographic location in the form of CPEC, which has heralded an unprecedented level of investment in Pakistan’s economy, and provides the foundation for transforming Pakistan into a pivotal economic player, in fact, the hub of connectivity in Asia. Two of the biggest issues of the 2013 Elections are no longer there. The power shortage has drastically reduced and load shedding is no longer the crisis it once was. Through the brave sacrifices of the valiant armed forces, the paramilitary forces and Police of Pakistan, and the political support of the PML(N), the security situation of Pakistan in 2018 has vastly improved.

While continued growth and infrastructural development are and will remain central tenets of the PML(N)’s mission, the achievements of the previous five years have helped the country come out of a debilitating decline based on an outmoded status quo. This can now allow for similar prioritization to be allocated to the many other pressing emergencies of education/human development, water scarcity/food security, and most importantly, alleviating poverty and improving the lives of the common man.

Pakistan Muslim League (N) wishes to respond to modern challenges by unleashing world class innovative infrastructure capable of bolstering sustainable economic growth, strengthening national security, governance and democratic institutions and putting human development first in order to protect and empower every single citizen of Pakistan.

PML(N) aims to bring about an agro-industrial revolution to transform the economic landscape of Pakistan into one that promises a myriad of employment opportunities and a secure future for the youth of Pakistan, who are the majority of our population.

PML(N) has been successful in laying down the foundations of a prosperous Pakistan. The re-election of the PML(N) government is essential for our efforts to bear fruit. A change in government would mean the loss of continuity in the political will and vision to carry forward the transformative projects geared towards the welfare of the people. As all opinion surveys show, the PML(N) commands the support of the majority of Pakistanis, due to its unwavering commitment to democracy and development. InshaAllah, this reality will find resonance in the sentiments of the people expressed through the power of the ballot on July 25!