PMLN Mulls Strategy To Block SBP Related Legislation

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) President and National Assembly Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif has said that PTI government creates a new crisis in the country everyday while burying the country’s people and compromising national economy, sovereignty and security.

Sharif chaired an important meeting of the PMLN Parliamentary Party in the National Assembly at the Parliament House on Tuesday. Consultations were held on the strategy of blocking the passage of bills relating to State Bank’s autonomy.

Expressing deep sorrow and grief over the tragedy of Murree, the meeting offered Fateha for the victims including other innocent children and extended heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the bereaved families. The meeting termed the incompetence and incompetence of the government as responsible for the Murree tragedy and said that there was a comprehensive plan for Murree in the time of Shahbaz Sharif as the Chief Minister of Punjab which would not have been a tragedy if it had been implemented. The meeting condemned that the facts about the Murree tragedy were hidden from the nation. For 20 hours, people kept calling for help, but even within a 45-kilometer radius of the federal capital, the government was unable to reach them, a testament to criminal incompetence and gross negligence. The incident has exposed not only the mismanagement of the government but also its brutal mentality.

The meeting rejected the government’s mini-budget and the so-called autonomy of the State Bank of Pakistan and decided that together with the united opposition, these measures, enemies of the people and the interests of Pakistan, would be stopped by force. The meeting said that the government has only hurt the people of Pakistan for more than three years. The economy has collapsed and the worst inflation has broken the backs of the people. In the name of money budget, an endless new torment of inflation is being imposed on the nation which must be stopped at all costs. The meeting said the SBP bill was a bill to hand over national economic sovereignty to the IMF which poses a serious threat to national security. Signing this document of economic surrender is a national crime. The meeting urged the conscientious parliamentarians in the government and the allied parties not to spoil their political destiny by becoming part of the anti-national process. The meeting also considered in detail the report of the scrutiny committee in the foreign funding case and the issue of concealment of 8 volumes by the scrutiny committee of the Election Commission.

The meeting urged Chief Election Commissioner Alexander Sultan Raja to make public the 8 volumes and the records submitted by SBP in the matter of foreign funding, 28 confidential PTI bank accounts, UK, US, Australia, Norway and Foreign countries including Finland 6 bank accounts of PTI, illegal funding accumulated in each country and all other related details should be brought to light. The meeting said that the main purpose of forming a scrutiny committee was to expose all the records hidden from the Election Commission, not to hide it. Already more than 7 years have passed in this case. Now the facts have not only come to light but they have also been confirmed by irrefutable evidence. Therefore, the Election Commission should fulfill the requirements of law and justice in this matter without delay. The meeting termed the shortage of urea fertilizer in the country and the consequent hardships faced by the farmers as another criminal negligence and incompetence of the government and said that after wheat and sugar, now urea fertilizer is also being imported from abroad. The shortage of urea fertilizer has been reported for a long time but no attention has been paid to it. Earlier, the ministers kept saying that there is no shortage in the country, there were ample reserves and now the decision to import urea fertilizer at the ECC meeting had clarified the situation.

It has been the attitude of the government for more than three years that it first creates the problem, then denies its existence, then confesses and dumps its responsibility on someone else and then further damages the country by importing. ۔ For example, urea fertilizer is now being imported at three times the price. This is another LNG-scandal type robbing of the nation and national treasury, he said.