Shehbaz To Strongly Oppose Further Increase In POL Prices

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President and National Assembly Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif has lashed out against PTI Government’s further increase in petroleum prices LPG and other commodities planned for start of next month, and has pledged to oppose it in the strongest manner in the parliament.

In his statement, Shehbaz said Imran was piling on taxes and shooting inflation through the roof while trampling upon the basic constitutional rights of the people of Pakistan. He pledged that PMLN would protect the economic and constitutional rights of the people cannot be compromised and would stand as an iron-wall against those who seek to usurp them.

Shehbaz said, “it was absolutely incomprehensible and nonsensical that this government was claiming to control inflation by raising the prices even more every day. This further increase of Rs 7-9 in the prices of petroleum products would hammer the last nail in the coffin of the masses already murdered by PTI’s economic terrorism”.

He said the injustice of on October 16, with an increase of the prices of petroleum products up to Rs 12 per liter was unbearable. He said he had been warning repeatedly that this PTI government must be dethroned to stop the economic destruction of the country, or it would be too late.

The PMLN President said by repeatedly bringing in mini-budgets, the government has proved that it does not have a solid, serious and viable economic plan. Political turmoil and economic catastrophe together are leading Pakistan to the destination of a failed state, the country must be saved from it and rescued from this disastrous PTI rule, he stressed.

People’s purchasing power had vanished, he said. He pointed out that double taxation is a crime under the constitution and law but the government is brazenly robbing the nation with double taxation. He went on to say that putting more burdens on the dying people is just pure cruelty and taxes have to do with the purchasing power of the people and the rate of national development. He urged the people to come out on the streets against this oppression and take back their freedom and constitutional rights.