PTI Unleashing Another Tornado Of Inflation On Pakistanis In Nov – Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: PMLN Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that the PTI Government’s increase in POL prices from November 1 will be accompanied by further blow up the price of gas, electricity, flour, sugar, eggs, pulses, oil, vegetables, fruits and medicine.

In a statement, she said that in the month of November, gas will be even more expensive and will not even be available. Over the last 3 years, the PTI government’s slavery of the IMF had destroyed the national economy while the people of Pakistan continue to lose jobs and get poorer everyday.

The former Information Minister said, “Imran Khan has no direction, no strategy to resolve the economic crisis his incompetence and corruption had created. She said Imran’s record breaking corruption and incompetence had broken all records of inflation rate in Pakistan.

Every single day flour, sugar, eggs, vegetables, fruits, cooking oil, ghee, pulses, gas, electricity and medicine are slipping out of the buying power of Pakistanis who cant even afford to buy their children’s winter uniforms for schools now. They cannot even afford the medicine frothier ailing parents; cant pay their house rents and even cannot manage to honorably feed their families anymore”.

Marriyum said the only way to end all these problems was to oust this tyrannical government. Imran Khan will once again make the same comments of ‘taking notice’ of rising inflation rate with hollow words and grotesque lip-service. But none of these eye-wash statements and measures would work as Imran’s resignation was the only way to rescue Pakistan.