Billions More Robbed From Masses In PTI Wheat Import – Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: PMLN Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that after looting the nation over sugar and flour the PTI government has made big bucks from the people’s pockets by buying expensive wheat.

In a statement she said it is unfortunate that an agricultural country was importing sugar, cotton and wheat. But, she said Imran Khan doesn’t mind that because his ATMs were making money profiteering illegally from these deals. Importing wheat at Rs 369.50 instead of Rs 280 was exactly in line with the vision of Imran Khan, she taunted. This government has approved the import of 120,000 tonnes of overpriced wheat and the same playbook of corruption was being used which was used in tge procurement of LNG, she said.

The former Information Minister said, ” Imran’s vision was very clear. Don’t buy cheaper LNG and wait till it gets expensive and then make big bucks on it through your ATMs. Don’t buy affordable cotton, make overpriced deals so that Imran’s ATMs full his pockets with illegal profits. Don’t buy wheat at good price but wait till your blue-eyed benefactors could make loads of money from overpriced wheat. And when all this illegal activity is completed, Imran acts as he had been sleeping through it all. Orders an inquiry that exonerates the culprits and then the musical chairs of ministries”.

This wheat import by PTI robbed more billions from the already impoverished people of Pakistan,  Marriyum said.