Imran Can’t Divert Attention From Failed Saudi Visit, Failed India Back-channel, With Hudaibiya Fiasco

ISLAMABAD: PMLN Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb says the PTI regime has announced opening Hudaibiya case to divert attention from the latest list of glaring blunders that had damaged Pakistan not just in the local context but in the international arena as well.

Taking to media in Islamabad, Marriyum said, the Imran government brought back bags of rice and charity money from its so-called momentous Saudi Visit for which it needs to answer the people for tainting the country’s image. She said Imran and his government need to answer for its flip-flops over back-channel Diplomacy and the failure of foreign policy of this regime. Imran had to answer for the devastation of the economy which his own finance minister said that this government had sold off the country’s economy to the IMF. Imran’s government had to answer for selling off Occupied Kashmir and Kashmiris. But to avoid doing all this, to save its skin, to fool this nation, to dig Pakistan deeper into crisis and to keep its political victimisation spree going, it had announced to restart a case quashed multiple times at all forums.

Marriyum told that the case was ordered to be made back in 1992 and was eventually filed in 2000 and it took NAB that was working under a dictator but it was dismissed over insufficient evidence. Later after two judges differed over it in 2011, it was sent to referee judge and a 3 member bench of Lahore High Court quashed it in 2014 over no evidence. The case was then again quashed by Lahore High Court in 2017. NAB appealed against the order in supreme Court and then the Supreme Court upheld the decision and quashed the case again.

Only a mindless person blinded by vengeance and desperate for a diversion can propose restarting this case, she said. Marriyum said, if Niazi Services would have been investigated this throughly, Imran would have been in jail.