PTI Govt Cannot Dump The Responsibility Of Disastrous Inflation On Bureaucracy – Shehbaz

LAHORE: PMLN President and National Assembly Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif has said that had the sugar and flour of the people not been looted under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Pakistanis wouldn’t have had to suffer in long queues and run from pillar to post for sugar.

Taking to Parliamentarians Shehbaz urged the government to rescue the mothers and daughters of the nation from the humiliation of standing in long queues while fasting in the heat for a kilogram of sugar. He said the lives of the people were put at risk by this government with its unpreparedness and disastrous vaccination drive.

Shehbaz said venting the anger of their own failures that created inflation, on officers of the bureaucracy was a highly condemnable act. He said the only one to blame for the disastrous inflation is only and only the PTI government. He said the PTI government cannot fathom the level of damage they have done to the national economy.

The parliamentarians congratulated the PMLN President over his vindication from fictitious cases and his honorable release from NAB custody on merit.