Imran Mocked Pakistanis In Misery With His Fake Video Shoot – Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: PMLN Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb says Imran Khan takes the Pakistani nation for a fool which is why he thought his terrible photo-op would resonate with the public crushed under the burden of inflation and unemployment because PTI ‘s disastrous rule.

In a statement Marriyum said the entire nation saw how Imran visited empty markets on a bicycle with music in the background. She said Imran hikes the price of all edibles during Ramadan and then shoots a preplanned video in cinematic fashion to deceive the people of Pakistan. She said these musical movies cannot provide relief to the people. Imran’s modeling did not help reduce the price of sugar, flour, medicine, electricity and gas, she said.

The former Information Minister said Imran’s director of photography may get an award for his work but the people cannot get respite from such stunts. She said the nation was hoping that sugar, flour, rice, vegetables, fruits and meat would be subsidised but instead Imran chose a video shoot to mock the misery of the nation’s poor and middle class. She said those who are a product of RTS riffing instead of public mandate act like this because they are not answerable to the people. Those who plan to get elected by rigging electronic voting machines now, act this way.

Marriyum said Pakistanis were suffering through the most unaffordable Ramadan in the history of the country. She also slammed Pakistan Bureau of Statistics to appease the government which was why it had lost its credibility.

She reminded Imran that mutton was bow Rs 1600 per kg while beef was Rs 1000 while the Prime Minister was busy posing for fake video shoots. She said the people of Pakistan would not be fooled by another RTS reloaded in the form of electronic voting machines.