Shehbaz Rejects Electronic Voting Machines Proposal

LAHORE: PMLN President and National Assembly Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif has rejected the proposal of electronic voting machines.
In a statement Shehbaz said the electronic voting system had been rejected by the entire world and an entire system of a country cannot be changed over the whims of a single person. The process of electoral reforms is essentially an inclusive process with everyone on board. He reminded how PMLN brought everyone on board including PTI for the successful 2018 electoral reforms. Which is why nobody objected to this reforms, he said. That historic document signed by every party is still part of the record he said.

Shehbaz said the representative house of the people, the parliament had been locked shut for 3 years by the PTI government. He said when the opposition was talking about positive suggestions and charter of economy, its well intentioned offer was insulted with accusations of NRO. The country’s reputation is improved by justice, transparency and supremacy of law, not by electronic voting machines, he said.

The National Assembly Opposition Leader said only PMLN can reform this system of the better because it has the audacity and the capacity of bringing political opponents on board for a greater nation consensus. He said instead of his new obsession with electronic voting machines, Imran should focus on the obliterated economy, skyrocketing Inflation, unemployment and dying Pakistanis.