Marriyum Warns Of Dire Consequences If Daska Polls Meddled With

LAHORE: PMLN Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has urged the Election Commission Officials and Police Officials responsible to hold Daska bypolls, to act as the custodians and guardians of people’s vote.

Speaking outside the court after PMLN President and National Assembly Opposition Leader, Marriyum warned that of any memner of the bureaucracy or polling staff tried to tamper with the elections in any way the people of Pakistan will take them to task on the spot. She said these Officials must ensure the security of the life and vote of the people of Daska.

She said that when she arrived at the court, she was not allowed to enter and was told that her entry is banned. But she said the police had no written orders of any such directive and when the media arrived at the scene, she was allowed in. She slammed the PTI government for such shallow and petty tactics and said that’s all they were good for. She thanked the media for their support and said PTI resits to such pettiness because that’s all it knows and running tge country is far beyond them.

The former Information Minister warned Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Buzdar that of they tried to influence the poll in any form or manifestation on 10 April, they would face the most grave consequences imaginable. She said in case of any such incident the people will not only stop it in every way but will avenge the looting of their sugar, flour, medicines, electricity, gas and LNG from the repeat offender vote thieves.

Marriyum said Imran is more incompetent than Buzdar as he cannot even run the federal government. She demanded that prior must be provided releif in sugar, flour, electricity, gas and essential commodities must be subsidised for Ramzan. The prices must be lowered at the same scale and speed as they were jacked up. She said the PTI regime had failed to provide sugar at the price Rs 80 per kg ordered by the Court because Imran Khan is the the patron in chief of all sugar mafias because they pay him back in kind.

She also took the opportunity to slam Imran’s controversial remarks about vulgarity being the cause of rape. She asked Khan if minor girls being raped in Pakistan were vulgar and responsible for their rape. She flayed Imran and said that God sick mentality was emboldening the savage mindset of victim blaming that leads to rape.

Marriyum called on the people people of Daska to turn out in numbers on April 10th and avenge the historic torture incurred by this PTI government that promised 10 million jobs, 5 million homes and a flourishing economy but gave record unemployment, record inflation to the point where people can’t even afford the rent of their homes, there healthcare, their children’s education and are struggling for survival.

She reminded that PMLN imported sugar once and exported it thrice during its term but didn’t raise the price by even a single rupee. She said soon the same people friendly PMLN leadership will take the reins of the country and drive it back to progress and prosperity.

The PMLN Secretary Information said the fake papers Shehzad Akbar used to wave around as evidence against Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif, have been rubbished an ended in trash. Shd said Shehzad Akbar is desperate to find more of such garbage to save his job but nothing is left which is why the rented mouthpieces of government hold press conferences every day.

Marriyum criticised the fact that the inquiry report meant to fix the responsibility of stealing Daska election and officials of election commission is still pending. She said it was imperative that those who abducted the 20 Presiding Officers and altered Form 45 be named, shamed, held accountable and made an example, so that no one ever dares to even imagine attempting anything like this again.