Imran Must Apologise For His Outrageous Rape Remarks – Marriyum

Imran’s Rape Remarks Embolden, Encourage Barbaric, Savage Rapist Mentality – Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has asked Imran Khan to apologise to the nation over his remarks about rape.

In a statement Marriyum said, Imran statement is shameful and dad. Imran can neither run the government or economy, nor can he give employment to the poor or relief from skyrocketing inflation. All he can do is blabber and ramble on and on. But now he can’t even do that without exposing his primitive and ignorant mind, she said.

The former Information Minister asked Imran, ” Are innocent girls being trapped because of vulgarity. Is it their fault that they were raped. Imran has devastated rape victims and their families with his statement”.

Marriyum said every educated, sensible person was baffled and shocked by Imran’s statement. This shows that Imran’s thoughts are a product of mental issues and ignorance. This also shows that he has immature, primitive, patriarchal views that expose his shallow-mindedness.

She said Imran’s irresponsible statement is emboldening and encouraging the sick mentality that is the root of this problem and is nothing less than savagery and barbarianism. She said as long as such a person occupies the Chair of the Prime Minister, it is inevitable for the society to become a jungle with no morals and laws.