Imran Govt Failed To Provide Ramzan Relief Package In Time – Hamza

PMLN Vice President and National Assembly Opposition Leader Hamza Shehbaz has asked to government to provide a Ramzan releif package for the people of Pakistan with immediate effect.

In a statement, Hamza said Ramzan is knocking on the door, the people are worried sick because of tge skyrocketing inflation but the PTI government is in deep slumber. He told the PTI leaders to stop the lipseevice and tall claims and get down to business to give public releif without durtger delay.

Hamza said the government’s incomoetence is so paramount that it has failed to provide Ramzan Package at tge requires time. He calles for special measures to be taken to provide relief to the salaried class. The government needs to be sensitive to the helplessness of this social strata which it isnt, he added.

The Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader said Imran should at least try to avoid people’s I’ll wishes for him during the sacred month of Ramzan. It is imperative that the provision of subsidised edibles and other essential commodities be assured before Ramzan, he said. This, he said isn’t a favour to the people but the basic responsibility of the government.

Hamza said the people of Pakistan were already crushed under the avalanche of incompetence of PTI, the unemployment and inflation. He said the prices of flour, sugar, eggs, chicken, cooking oil, vegetables, dates and fruits should be especially subsidised.