Imran’s Mental Condition merits Extensive rest – Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: PMLN Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb says Imran Khan needs to rest whatever is left of his brain because he has no idea what confessions and admissions he makes whenever he opens his mouth these days.
In a statement Marriyum said Imran should clarify if his statements are sleep-talking or is he conscious when he makes such statements. Today, Imran Khan confessed that every one of his steps were dictated by the International Monetary Fund. The PTI leader who used to boast of prfering suicide to IMF, delivered a long lecture on IMF’s conditions, she added. Imran also admitted that he had mortgaged the State Bank Of Pakistan and national economy to the IMF.
The former Information Minister said, instead of lecturing the nation on loans, Imran should share with the nation the report of the Loan Commission. She said Imran’s statement that he has surrounded himself with the most corrupt people who also act as his facilitators.
Marriyum said, “The opposition has always highlighted the ‘good’ done by the government. Like when Imran did ‘good’ for his blue eyed Jahangir Tareen in aiding him rob people’s Rs 400 billion in sugar scandal. Like when Imran did ‘good’ for his ATMs by helping them loot Rs 225 in flour, Rs 500 billion in medicine, and Rs 122 billion in LNG. Like when Imran did ‘good’ for Narendra Modi by trading-off Kashmir. Like when Imran did ’good’ by giving a future and stability to mafias, ATMs and his army of rented mouthpieces”.
She said the people of Pakistan had already given their verdict on this government and the previous ones in elections in Daska, Khushab, Nowshehra, Balochistan and Sindh.
She said when Imran was imposed on Pakistan, the GDP growth was 5.8 percent, Inflation rate was 3 percent, Sugar was Rs 52 instead of Rs 120, flour was Rs 32 and look where this imposed government got the country and its people. Marriyum said the PMLN Nawaz Sharif government willsoon return to set aright all these crisis created by the incompetent, unqualified and corrupt PTI regime.