Fake PM Telling Mouthpeices To Lie More To Build Fake Narrative – Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: PMLN Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb says every crisis created by the fake PTI government appears fake to the fake Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Reacting to Imran Khan’s latest meeting with his army of rented mouthpieces, Marriyum said the fake Prime Minister had ordered his spokespersons to cook up yet another fake narrative to deceive the nation. She said Imran told his team to continue lying to the people of Pakistan that the country was developing and progressing. But the people crushed under the avalanche of inflation and taxes can no longer buy this plethora of lies.

She said Imran Khan, a product of fake mandate, jacked up inflation to fill the deep pockets of his ATMs and corruption mafias to continue getting his share from their corruption.

“Imran trains his mouthpieces to lie more aggressively and profusely everyday. But they do are at a loss on how to defend the increase of inflation rate from 3 to 14 percent. They ask Imran how to answer questions about broken promises of jobs and houses for poor. They inquire how to explain skyrocketing sugar and wheat prices. They fail to understand how to explain the Rs 14,000 billion loan taken by Imran. They are unable to defend the nosediving GDP from 5.8 to -0.4. They are at wits end on what to say about trading off Kashmir. They can’t figure out how to answer to the people over electricity and gas tariff hike. They fail to justify surrendering State Bank Of Pakistan to the IMF. They question Imran on how to dodge the question regarding hijacking Daska Election and Election Commission staff”, Marriyum said.

The former Information Minister said the blunders and disasters by this government were stark and indefensible and anyone who defends them does not appear to be of sound mind.