Imran Should’ve Resined Instead of Sore Loser Speech – Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: PMLN Secretary lnformation Marriyum Aurangzeb says Imran Khan should have shown some moral courage and resigned instead of shamelessly taking his frustration out on the nation.

She said Imran should be ashamed of calling his own members of Parliament sellout and then begging for vote of confidence from the same members.

Responding to Imran’s address to the nation, Marriyum slammed his hypocrisy saying he completely forgot this lecture on morality and uprightness while selling Senate tickets for billions. He had an attack of selective amnesia while throwing away billions to steal the Senate elections 2018? She questioned.

The former Information Minister said, “The nation witnessed today a defeated, desperate and frustrated Imran who was sitting on a borrowed throne. The nation witnessed today an infuriated sore loser Imran who took his pettiness out on the nation, election commission and the opposition. Imran should stop this same broken-recordesque repetitive address, should pack his bags and spare the nation”.

She lashed out at Imran’s lecture on democracy, saying what kind of democracy imposed a selected Prime Minister on the nation after robbing their vote and mandate.