Marriyum Congratulates Nation Over Hamza’s Release, Prays For Nation’s Freedom From Imposed PTI Regime

LAHORE: PMLN Secretary lnformation Marriyum Aurangzeb while expressing relief and joy over Hamza Shehbaz being freed, has prayed to God Almighty for the freedom of the nation from the imposed PTI government’s death grip.

In a statement Marriyum congratulated the nation over Hamza’s release from imprisonment. She said the PMLN Leader braved the 20 months of illegal imprisonment and responded to Imran Khan’s political victimisation with courage and resilience. She said Hamza had become a symbol of defiance against the persecution of the NAB-Niazi unholy alliance.

The former Information Minister said, “The belligerent PTI could not prove a single penny of corruption on Hamza even after exhaustive abuse of power, illegal detention, mental torture, smear campaign and unconstitutional treatment. The role of NAB-Niazi alliance will always be quoted in history books as one of the most darkest chapters “.

Hamza’s daughter is now 20 months old and she hasn’t even seen her father in 20 months. Who will be held accountable and punishes for this undue imprisonment based on lies, mental torment and defamation drives, she said. The faces of those who did all this consumed by their prejudice, arrogance and political vengeance, will always remain tarnished.

She prayed that the nation be emancipated from this scourge of political victimisation and vote theft and Shehbaz Sharif would also be freed from the clutches of persecution. Marriyum said the people of Pakistan, crushed under the avalanche of PTI’s incompetence, corruption and lies are desperate to break free from the sugar, wheat, medicine, LNG, electricity and gas looters.