NA-75 Rigging Accountability, Justice Pointless Without Indicting Chief Culprits Imran & Buzdar – Marriyum

NA-75 Rigging Accountability, Justice Pointless Without Indicting Chief Culprits Imran & Buzdar – Marriyum
Imran Should be Ashamed of Himself for Seeking to Stop Investigation of NA=75 Rigging – Marriyum
ISLAMABAD: PML-N spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb has demanded action from ECP against Imran Khan and Punjab Chief Minister calling them the chief culprits responsible for the theft of votes and abduction of Election Commission staff during NA-75 by elections.
In a statement, Marriyum said Imran and Buzdar held the entire administration hostage, including the Chief Secretary and the IG Police Punjab. She said without taking action against these chief perpetrators of this heinous crime, any act of accountability would be incomplete and meaningless.
“Why was the Chief Secretary not available at the most crucial time and why did he not get back to the election commission? The Chief Secretary was well aware of the abduction of the commission’s staff which is why he gave assurance that they would return safely. All circumstantial and on-ground evidence testifies that Imran is the main culprit who tried to violate the sanctity of tee vote and the trust of the people in electoral process. Justice would not be served unless the head of this rigging operation is not held accountable”, she said.
The former information Minister said the product of 2018 vote theft was caught red handed repeating the same practice in 2021. The Chief Election Commissioner should not trun a blind eye towards the real culprits and just like the blatant rigging, justice should be blatant and in public view against Imran and Buzdar, she stressed.
She said it was imperative to find answer to questioned such as when and where did Imran Bazdar hatch this conspiracy and who else was involved. She reminded that under Article 218, the ECP’s suo motu action is incomplete until Imran and Buzdar are indicted.
Marriyum reminded Imran of his constant campaign to opening, recounting and re-evaluation of 4 constituencies in the 2013 general elections and said that the PTI Chief should be ashamed of himself moving the Supreme Court to stop the same demand for NA 75 by-polls. Shameless Imran should not run and hide now that he and his regime have been found guilty of rigging, she said.