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Buzdar, Punjab Police Should Be Booked For Martyrdom Of 2 Voters – Marriyum

Buzdar, Punjab Police Should Be Booked For Martyrdom Of 2 Voters – Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: PMLN Secretary lnformation Marriyum Aurangzeb has demanded that a police case be registered against Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar for using government machinery for state terrorism to influence the Sialkot NA-75 by-elections that martyred two innocent civilians near Gonk polling station in Daska.

Talking to media outside Election Commission office in Islamabad, Marriyum lashed put against the PTI administration saying that from the start of polling innumerable incidents were recorded on camera where the provincial police brutality baton-charged not only voters but poling agents to undermine the voting process. She showed video evidences of the police assaulting voters and the administration’s attempts to rig the elections.

The former Information Minister said the PTI administration had figured out that they were staring at an overwhelming defeat in the election which is why they had been using state machinery since morning to turn the election around. She said when after all this blatant and shameless state terrorism to influence the elections failed, PTI resorted to absolute violence and martyred 2 courageous Pakistanis who had come to excercise their constitutional rights to vote defying threats and fearful environmental. She paid rich tribute to the martyrs and those wounded in the violence.

Marriyum said the shameless Chief Minister who was responsible to take all measures to ensure free, fair, transparent and secure polling failed miserably and still had the audacity of saying he would register police cases against the voters.

“You’re not an SHO of a police station, you’re the Chief Minister of the largest province of the countr”,she told Buzdar.

She slammed the army of PTI’s rented spokespersons for lying incessantly on Imran Khan’s orders that PMLN workers opened fire that caused the death of two people. She lambasted at Usman Buzdar and said he is responsible for the deaths and injuries.

The PMLN Secretary lnformation said this is not a political battle anymore, but had turned into a battle for the sustainability of Pakistan, a battle for the rights of the people of Pakistan, a battle for the supremacy of the constitution of Pakistan and a battle for the survival of democracy in Pakistan.

Marriyum warned that if any attempt was made to influence the results post polling by tampering with the ballots or ballot boxes, it would have unimaginably dire consequences and none other than PTI would be responsible for it.

She said tge entire nation is suffering the consequences of the RTS Rigged general elections and said anything similar would only have serious repercussions.

She paid rich tribute to the people of Daska who came out to vote in numbers despite unfavourable circumstances. She also prayed for tge fast recovery of those wounded by the PTI firing and police hooliganism.