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Marriyum Slams Imran Over $25MN Illegal Payment From Exchequer to Broadsheet To Buy Leverage for His NRO

Marriyum Slams Imran Over $25MN Illegal Payment From Exchequer to Broadsheet To Buy Leverage for His NRO

ISLAMABAD: PMLN Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb says Imran Khan in his desperation to get an NRO for his blunderous rule has given the nation’s $ 25 million to a company who had defrawded Pakistan before iduring Pervez Musharraf’s era.

Talking to media in Islamabad, Marriyum said Imran Khan does not worry about the precarious state of the people of Pakistan under his rule when he wakes up everyday. He does not worry about the Rs 400 billion corrupted in sugar scandal, Rs 200 billion in flour corruption, Rs 500 billion in public medicine and Rs 122 billion in LNG procurement, he only thinks about politically victimizing the opposition to leverage an NRO for himself. For this very purpose he had paid 25 million dollars of nation’s money to Broad Sheet without any direct legal contract with the government of Pakistan, she said.

She reminded how the dictator Pervez Musharraf, in his obsession to target his rivals, hired Broadshee for Rs 6 billion t, which had only come into existence 6 months before this arrangement and had no credibility. She told how Musharraf gave Broadsheet a list of those he wanted to persecute but later asked Broadsheet to exclude those who had made peace and joined him in his dictatorial rule. Marriyum told how Broadsheet lied about making billions worth of recoveries and because this fact was revealed, even Musharraf halted the $ 25 million payment to Broadsheet.

But in a last ditch effort to create leverage to beg for an NRO, Imran khan through the already controversial character Shehzad Akbar, renegotiated the same deal and paid the nation’s $ 25 million to Broadsheet to cook up dirt on PMLN leadership. She said Broadsheet has no formal or legal contract with Imran government then under what obligation did Imran pay such a massive amount of taxpayer’s money. She demanded that all details of the conditions negotiated by Shehzad Akbar must be made public and this transaction be held publicly accountable.

She said Shehzad Akbar was very fond of waving around forged useless documents against Shehbaz Sharif and later getting embarrassed at the courts when the time of presenting evidence came. From eating a humble pie in Saaf Paani, Ashiyaana, to being given a shut up call by China in Multan Metro allegations and bringing international shame to themselves and the country by the British government because of their cheap fiasco with tge daily mail, Shehzad Akbar has been a made to bite dust every time. But now it’s time for Imran and Shehzad Akbar to answer for their demands of commissions from Broadsheet, she said. Now they cannot get away by distracted of pointing a finger at PMLN leaders just because their shameless open corruption has been brutally exposed, she slammed.

On Top of that, people under the Imran government were desperate trying to negotiate a commission over this illegal payment by saying if they recover 1000 billion or whatever amount they should pay 50 percent of that to the selected PM and his tout Shehzad Akbar from the tanpayers’ money, she pointed out.

The former Information Minister slammed Imran Khan’s linding obsession to persecute the opposition to create room forhimself to get an NRO. She said the PMLN, PMLN leadership and anyone else is under no obligation to contact or answer Broadsheet because it has no legal existence.