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Imran, PTI Dealt Disastrous Damage to Pakistan’s Diplomatic, Foreign Policy, Security Interests – Khurram Dastigir Khan

Imran, PTI Dealt Disastrous Damage to Pakistan’s Diplomatic, Foreign Policy, Security Interests – Khurram Dastigir Khan


ISLAMABAD: PMLN Central leader Khurram Dastigir Khan says the long list of diplomatic and foreign policy blunders by Imran Khan and his government has dealt disastrous damage to Pakistan and its international interests.

Talking to media in Islamabad, Dastigir said from the moment Imran stepped into power he had portrayed Pakistan as a weak, inconsequential and indecisive country. He said Imran has reduced the multifaceted decades old relationship with china to a transactional relation. 

“Imran’s inexperience, immaturity and incompetence in understanding diplomatic phenomenon led him into announcing that just because India congratulated him on his victory; it wanted negotiations and a fruitful dialogue. His blunderbuss statement that Narendra Modi is the only hope for the solution of the Kashmir dispute and his over-excitement with the Kartarpur Corridor issue was seen as a sign of weakness and were rewarded with Balakot followed by the annexation of Occupied Kashmir. The sofa-chair diplomacy that followed cemented his inability to handle such matters even further where he and his foreign Minister compromised Pakistan’s and Kashmir’s interest by not making an aggressive diplomatic push by visiting and meeting foreign leaders to garner support against India’s actions. They resorted to phone calls and interviews which is the weakest action possible. All this compromised Pakistan’s  support against annexation and it was able to get very limited support”, he said.

Khurram Dastogor pointed out Imran’s disastrous statement regarding Pakistan Army and intelligence training Al-Qaeda, which was untrue; his needless rambling about Iran being a victim of terrorists coming from Pakistani soil; his undermining of Pakistan’s foreign policy by stating there is no border between Pakistan and Afghanistan and that the Durrand Line was just a creation of the westerners. But above all he said Imran Khan’s megaphone foreign policy made a mess of the delicate balance maintained by Islamabad regarding the relations with the GCC countries and other critical Muslim strategic partners like Turkey, Malaysia, Iran and others. 

The PMLN Central Leader said all these uncontainable disasters have left Pakistan in a position where decades old friends are aggravated, annoyed or extremely displeased; Pakistan’s enemies are emboldened and ruthless because of Imran’s incompetence and the risks to the country’s strategic and security interests are at an all time high.