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PTI Most Vicious, Tyrannical, Fascist, Inhumane And Shameless Regime Ever – Marriyum

PTI Most Vicious, Tyrannical, Fascist, Inhumane And Shameless Regime Ever – Marriyum

PMLN Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb says by keeping Shehbaz Sharif imprisoned for three days even after the death of his beloved mother, the PTI government has shown it is the most vicious, tyrannical, fascist, inhumane and shameless regime ever to be in power.

Talking to media in Raiwind, Marriyum said Shehbaz was being held in jail for a case the reference of which had been filed and the trail was already underway. Most importantly, he is being kept imprisoned in a case that does not allege a single penny of corruption of public money, but objects to the assumed assets beyond means and gifts that he received from his family. The President of the largest political party of the country and the Opposition Leader of the august parliament of this country was being mentally tortured for crimes he did not commit at a time when he is grieving the death of his mother, she lambasted.

But she said while all these actions by PTI were extremely condemnable, they were not unexpected of a man who had proven himself to be the most petty, hollow, shallow and shameless and indecent all his life.

She said for 3 days now, Shehbaz’s right to be released on parole had been intentionally blocked by creating legal complications and convolutions, delaying the process, conditioning his release on parole with the date and time of the arrival of his mother’s dead body is the absolute extreme of apathy, vulgar prejudice and vengefulness which shows how low this imposed regime of selected Imran can stoop.

The former Information Minister also slammed the government’s rented mouthpieces for politicizing the death of a mother day in and day out.

“This petty and small selected Prime Minister and his mouthpieces had exposed their ilk from Kulsum Nawaz’s health and death, Nawaz Sharif’s health, Shehbaz Sharif’s health, denying of chair for Namaz, serving food on the floor. But using someone’s mother’s death as a ploy to politically victimize him is the new low for the shameless, callous and heartless rented mouthpieces, she said. And not just anyone’s mother, the mother of a person who had done nothing but work day and night for the development prosperity and progress of the country and especially the most marginalized people of Pakistan. From the stroke of dawn, they start issuing statements of no parole, parole 6 hours before dead body’s arrival, 12 hours before arrival not knowing that it only exposes who they are and where they come from”, she said.

She said Imran cannot provide any relief for the people, nor can he do anything to solve Pakistan’s crisis, he can only imprison PMLN Leaders, file false cases on them, try and fail at breaking their spirits and then shamelessly inaugurate their projects and put his name-plaque on it. And now, she said he had come all the way to Lahore to ensure that Shehbaz and Hamza Sharif weren’t released on parole.

Marriyum said the PDM movement and its massive public meetings across the country were a referendum against the PTI government. These massive turnouts were the doomsday for this selected imposed regime and its selected imposed Prime Minister she said. This is why this government is baffled and scared of these public meetings and stoops to lowest levels to sabotage and stop them, she added. She strongly condemned the fake cases of theft on former Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son and said the fear in the hearts of PTI for the Multan Jalsa of PDM is evident. But she said the PDM public meeting will be held on the scheduled date and time no matter what, because the people of Pakistan have decided to send the corrupt, incompetent, incapable imposed government of looters, plunderers and sugar, wheat steeling mafia.