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State Bank Report, Damning Evidence, Dossier of Failure Of Selected PTI Govt – Marriyum

State Bank Report, Damning Evidence, Dossier of Failure Of Selected PTI Govt – Marriyum

PMLN Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb says the State Bank of Pakistan’s latest report is a dossier of PTI government’s catastrophic failure and the destruction of Pakistan’s economy brought about by the imposed regime of the selected Imran Khan.

In a press conference at PMLN Lahore Secretariat, Marriyum said the pathological liar Imran and his failed government had the audacity to say that the report reflects economic revival when it actually is damning evidence of how badly the national economy is doing.

She pointed out that the PTI regime brought the GDP crashing down from 5.8 to 1.9 in their first year and for the first time since 1952, the GDP growth of the year 2019-2020 had been minus 0.4. This growth is the key indicator of economic health of the country. Fractionally resuscitating a drowned economy is not revival, she said. The truth is that after crashing it from 5.8 this government has failed to add even a single percent to that plummeted growth rate.

The inflation, she said the report says the inflation, which was 3.9 percent under PMLN, is now around 13 percent while the food inflation in urban areas 14.6 percent and rural areas 16.4 percent. Which means the low income groups have no money for healthcare, electricity, gas, children’s schools, house rents and transport, they can barely afford to feed themselves, she said.

Talking about employment, she said when a country’s GDP is between 5 and 6 percent it adds 1.6 percent of its population to its labour force. But this government has plummeted the GDP which has forced 4 million people into joblessness while over 10.4 million into abject poverty.

Talking about budget deficit, Marriyum said it was PTI’s favourite topic during its container board sloganeering. She said during last year of PMLN government the budget deficit was 6.5 percent while in the first year of PTI it was 9.1 percent. She pointed out there has been a historic increase in public debt she said PMLN had Rs 10,661 billion public debt in 5 years whielin just 2 years PTI government topped that and has added Rs 11,444 billion to public deabt. The total external debt too jumped by 33.4 percent under PTI rule’s first year and on top of that 33.4percent it added 45 percent moreinits second year which amounts to around Rs 14,000 billion.

Taking on PTI’s failure to meet its tax collection targets, she said the imposed PTI regime hasnot been able to increase tax collection in real term by a single rupee. She pointed out that despite 40 percent devaluation and 13 percent inflation, the PTI government only collected Rs 3950 billion out of Rs 5,555 billion and later set the taregte at Rs 4,300 billion.

The former information minister said the PTI was very fond of seelinbg the fact that it will improve exports but the truth is that the last year of PMLN saw exports of RS 24.7 billion but underselected Imran’s regime they tumbled to just Rs 1.8 billion.

“With all these damning statistics by the State bank, the claims of economic revival and appreciation are not just lies and ridiculous but an insult to this nation’s intelligence. The only thing recovering and appreciating are the bank accounts and lifestyles of Imran’s ATM machines and all those who are benefactors of the 23 illegal foreign funding accounts. Imran did give jobs, they were not for the people of Pakistan but for this friend’s circle of Bani Gala who are looting the country along with Imran” she said.

Marriyum said this is the reason PMLN President and National Assembly Opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif is behind bars because Imran fears being called out on this corruption and embezzlement by the opposition leader.

She said selected Imran and his imposed government doesn’t have the capacity, ability, intelligence or the blessing of God almighty to fix the disaster they have brought to the country. The people Pakistan know very well now who has in the past and who will again bring prosperity, progress and development to the country and will improve the lives and livelihoods of the masses.