Shahbaz Sharif asks MPs to fight terror, loadshedding

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister-designate Shahbaz Sharif has urged the PML-N’s newly-elected members of parliament (MPs) to lead from the front and wage a war against terrorism and loadshedding.

In a letter to the legislators, Shahbaz asked them to adopt austerity measures and help the PML-N government conserve resources so that sufferings of the people due to an all-time high loadshedding could be mitigated and their standard of living could improve.

Shahbaz wrote: “I congratulate you on the splendid victory in general elections, your victory reflects people’s allegiance to PML-N President Nawaz Sharif and their trust in party manifesto. Similarly, the exceptional performance of our government in Punjab during the last five years has further elevated the level of people’s confidence in PML-N.”

He said that we should thank Allah for bestowing this landslide victory upon us and let us make a pledge that we will work for the uplift of Pakistan and well being of our people beyond our personal interests.

He said at a time when the country was experiencing the worst-ever loadshedding, the need of the hour is to rid the people of power outages for which huge funds along with commitment, pursuance and hard work are required.

“I expect you to adopt austerity measures and help the government conserve resources so that we can fight loadshedding together, this is an established fact that people of your constituencies deserve your attention and services the most. But sometimes, public representatives abandon their people, which is very unfortunate. I really hope that you will not be among those people.” (Courtesy: The News)