Tall claims were made in 2013 elections of a better governance model by PTI based on which it got elected. Since past 14 months we have not seen the “Naya” Pakistan promised neither in D-Chowk nor in KP.

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  1. Tall claims were made in 2013 elections of a better governance model by PTI based on which it got elected.
  2. Since past 14 months we have not seen the “Naya” Pakistan promised neither in D-Chowk nor in KP.
  3. PTI attracted new segment of youth, women and the educated middle class into voting; but it ended up polluting their minds with hatred and introduced a politics of blames minus proofs.
  4. The idea of WP is not to attract more abuses PTI style but to open the eyes of those who claim to be educated to the failed PTI model in KP where real change could have been a role model for Pakistan.
  5. Whilst PTI has mastered the art of breaking all laws, wanting to be treated VIP by not adhering to any laws, and of conducting failed dharnas and entertaining jalsas it has not learnt how to deliver when blessed with governance in KP.


Economic performance

  • Second lowest among all provinces for generating tax revenues at Rs11.7 b vs Punjab at 96.4b
  • Investment road show under WB $20 m Economic Revitalization of ERKF postponed again by KP govt.
  • Closed industries package unannounced and unimplemented.
  • Budget mismanagement: Total budget outlay Rs 83b- actual spent 25b. (31% spent only)- budget indpendent monitoring unit dysfunctional.
  • 23 approved mega new projects are still pending.
  • Development budget, the main fund to develop the local areas, communities and facilities, is massively under spent. Only 23.36%  spent.
  • Manifesto agri tax promise of 15% tax not done. Cabinet KP proposes 5% – still not done.
  • Foreign dependence in ADP was Rs 39.7b (Rs 31b and Rs 8.2b loan). Foreign projects assistance Rs 21b which is 20% of revised total development expenditure.


Manifesto promises unfulfilled

  • No modernization of ALL DHQs except upgradation of 1!
  • No introduction of Pushto as second language of instruction
  • No doubling of girls schools except 1 new school!
  • No adult literacy projects launched
  • No all city transport networks launched. Pwr transport system in planning stage. Wanting lhr at Rs 4b, Pwr Metro prefeasibility at Rs 51b
  • No industrial colonies launched. Only one industrial estate launched.
  • No E-governance initiatives including none of the promised District Fund Council, electronic mapping, socio eco measurement at UC levels, GPRS based school availability systems.
  • No labour boards, inspectors, labour benefits.



  • Rs 24b allocated for development. Only Rs 4.7 spent (19%). Punjab utilization 80% . KP has increased its budget allocation less than Punjab in 2014-15. Approx 3times more being spent in Punjab on school development.
  • Open sky schools in CM KP constituency.
  • Intra district disparity of spending per child Rs 18000 to Rs 8000.
  • Literacy Rate in Punjab reached 79.21% while KP literacy rate dropped by 2% from 64.6% to 62.6%.
  • 354 education related protests last year in KP.
  • Principals promotions to Grade 20 delayed and incharge principals in some higher education institutions being used for corruption.  NAB case against DG Technical Education.
  • KP is the only province that does not have legislation to pursue Article 25-a free compulsory legislation.
  • IDP education ignored. Federal govt helping.



  • World Bank reduced duration of healthcare project in KP from 3yrs to 1 yr and curtail its grant from $16 to $10.2 million.
  • Over 100 cases pending due to non-functional Environment Tribunal  causing health disasters.
  • DHQs not upgraded.
  • WHO declares Peshawer as world’s largest polio reservoir. Polio campaign on hold due to dharna.
  • Protesting health officers. 6 months salaries not paid to health officers who locked immunization offices doors.
  • 7 dengue afflicted districts in KP.
  • Measles bogus vaccination- no high level PTI visits.
  • 60,000 hepatitis patients. No special program.
  • No chief drug inspector or additional facilities despite drug rise crisis in KP.
  • 6 DHQs faulty dysfunctional machinery – no action.
  • Baton charge on peaceful KP doctors protest.


Political Infights

  • IK Civil disobedience call not implemented by KP govt itself!
  • In-grouping and resignations within KP govt officials of PTI.
  • Complaints from PTI youth and district officials on slow development pace and wrong prioritization.


Administrative collapse

  • False austerity
    – Claims including more perks and salaries for KP parliamentarians, over bulging cabinet, houses for CM, 30 parliamentary secretaries, insistence on taking perks from assemblies they have resigned from.
  • Corruption charges despite IK claim of removing corruption in 90 days
    – Chinese investment in mining lost due to corruption attempts.
    – Road Contracts tenders/ police/ Chief Secretary resignation and forest official removal due to stopping of corruption/ illegal appointments.
    – Fake degree law makers.
    – Charges of corruption against 11 ministers not being probed.
    – Extortion on rise.
    – Electricity theft high peaks in KP (90% loss).
  • Natural calamity and terrorism response
    – Idp visits missing.
    – Zarb e azb shaheeds visit missing.
    – Flood visits missing.
    – Rain victims visits missing.
    – Police and civilian hit due to terrorism visits missing.
    – Terrorist incidents and law order worsened due to little KP govt involvement in fixing security policy and its implementation in KP.
    – Extra 1% from federal pool given but not seen in terms of effects on saving lives of KP citizens.
    – Jail breaks with no penalties.
    – Politicizing of police and irregular postings transfer promotions.
  • Bureaucratic mess
    – In 20 of the 25 districts of KPK, grade 18 officers are working against grade 19 posts of DC.
    – no uniform civil service structure  despite PHC orders on service structure policy.
    – RTI bill not complied with. Websites not updated.
    – Policy of mines/ tourism not approved, leading to economic loss.
    – Workers Welfare board on strike and extensions given not acceptable.
    – Shortage of police (idp areas too) not fixed causing law order issues.
    – Price hike not being managed by local market committees.


Electoral KP

  • No special legislation on Irrigation, Forests and Labour were conducted while these are important provincial subjects.
  • Delays in standing committees formation.
  • 2.5 months non functioning assembly. Dharna affected assembly.
  • KP assembly rigging allegation free?
  • No local govt elections nor capacity building for them.


Neglected segments

  • Attacks on Sikhs.
  • Christian widows not paid compensation after suicide attacks.
  • Hindu property occupations on rise.
  • IDPs fed up of dharna which is affecting their issues by KP govt. PHC petition against non payment of funds by KP govt.
  • Flood victims in all provinces neglected by PTI.


Independent Surveys

Report card of public opinion on quality of governance - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Report card of public opinion on quality of governance – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa



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