Truth behind PTI’s Rigging Allegations General Elections 2013

Executive Summary:

General Elections (GE) 2013, the seventh since 1970, held after the completion of 5-year tenure of democratically elected five federal and provincial governments, were historically unique on many counts.

For the first time:

  • GE 2013 were organized and managed under a 5-member standing Election Commission composed of Judges selected in due process after consultation with all parliamentary forces in accord with unanimously adopted 18th amendment;
  • GE 2013 were held under neutral caretaker Prime Minister, Federal and Provincial governments, set up under due process devised unanimously by the Parliament through 18th and 20th constitutional amendments. Moreover, the President of Pakistan at the time of GE 2013 was co-Chairperson of PPPP;
  • Pursuant to Supreme Court Order, the electoral rolls were prepared after removing around 37 million unverifiable votes from the earlier electoral rolls used in GE 2002 and 2008; the computerized pictures of the voters were used from the CNIC record maintained in NADRA database to facilitate identify them by the polling staff and the agents of the candidates;
  • registered voters were given a direct access at the preparation stage of electoral rolls to ascertain their votes;
  • before the polling day, every voter could access the actual location of his / her polling station through SMS from the ECP record.


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