President for taking maximum advantage of GSP Plus status

ISLAMABAD, Dec 31 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on Tuesday urged for product diversification and value addition in all sectors especially textile industry in Pakistan to take maximum advantage of the GSP Plus status awarded to Pakistan by the European Union.The President said this during presentation given to him by the Ministry of Commerce on EU’s Generalized System of Preferences Plus (GSP Plus) Scheme. The briefing meeting was attended by Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan, Minister of State for Commerce and Textile Industry, Qasim M. Niaz, Secretary Commerce and Mrs. Rukhsana Shah, Secretary, Textile Industry.Nadeem Hassan Asif,Secretary to the President, Ahmad Farooq, Additional Secretary and Mrs. Saba Mohsin Raza, Press Secretary to the President.

The Ministry of Commerce and Textile Industry gave a detailed presentation to the President on GSP Plus Scheme, the challenges and opportunities for the economy as a result of the market access and the various steps being taken by the Ministry to seize this opportunity and maximize country’s exports.
The President appreciated European Commission and the member countries of European Union for their continued support to the country for getting GSP Plus status. The President also commended the efforts of various ministries and all those who worked hard and were associated in getting GSP plus status for the country.
The President said that EU’s Generalized System of Preferences Plus (GSP Plus) Scheme not only promises manifold increase in Pakistan’s exports to the  EU markets but would also strengthen country’s economy through greater trade, increased economic activities and generation of more employment opportunities for the people of Pakistan.
The President on the occasion advised the Ministry of Commerce to take  all possible steps to create awareness among the business community and exporters across the country to enable them to grab this great opportunity and fully utilize benefits from the GSP plus status.
The awareness campaign, the President said would facilitate the businessmen and entrepreneurs in reaching out to the economic markets of EU and thereby accelerating the export potential of the country.
The President called upon all the stakeholders, public and private to come forward and play their active role to fully avail this huge opportunity of trade access to EU markets and secure greater place for Pakistani products and goods in the EU markets. (Courtesy: APP)