‘PML-N to win polls due to its performance’

LAHORE – PML-N President Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that his party will win the election with overwhelming majority on the basis of its past performance.

Addressing the party ticket holders in Lahore on Monday, Nawaz Sharif said that the PML-N government did great work for the people and put the country on the road to progress. “People understand that it is the party capable of solving all problems.”
The masses will vote the PML-N to power on the basis of its track record and will reject the leaders who are chanting hollow slogans, he claimed.
Nawaz Sharif said the faces of those who practiced corruption during the last five years of rule in the centre are exposed to the masses and the people would reject them in elections.
He said that the mammoth turn out in the public meetings of the PML-N was a reflection of party’s victory in the next elections.
No one can stop change in the county as the masses have given verdict in favour of the PML-N, he said adding, after victory they would resume journey of progress and development from the point his government had left in 1999.
We are determined to give the nation a brighter and advancing Pakistan, he added. The meeting decided to conclude the election campaign with a big public meeting in Lahore.
Separately, addressing a delegation of party workers, Nawaz said that his party would raise the status of agriculture to industry by introducing agri-corporate culture for the betterment of small farmers.
He said that his government would ensure availability of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides at cheap rates and allocate 50 percent loans to small farmers wherein women would be given preference. He said that after coming into power, his government would build new water reservoirs and expand the availability of water for irrigation. He vowed to bring more land into cultivation and distribute it among peasants.
Meanwhile, the PML-N Young Lawyers Forum has worked out a strategy to counter pre-poll polling-day rigging.
Barrister Sharjeel Adnan Sheikh, chief organiser of the forum and Sardar Kaleem Ilyas, chairman of its organising committee, called on Maryam Nawaz on Monday and gave a briefing on their strategy to check the rigging.
They said that the forum has constituted teams of young lawyers for each constituency across Pakistan to prevent rigging and any foul play on the day of polling.
They will provide legal assistance to the candidates as well as their polling agents in case of any illegality by their rivals. They said that the forum has also devised training program for party polling agents.
They said that an election cell had also been established at the PML-N secretariat in Model Town.

(Courtesy: Nation)

2 thoughts on “‘PML-N to win polls due to its performance’

  1. I want to post some achievements of PML-N in my view last 05 Year to use this in election campaign:-
    Youngster may Lap Top ki Merti per Taqseem for better future
    Youngster student ko Solar Lamp ki taqseem for study
    Youngster to study tour, America, Turkey , France
    Youngster student position holders ko, Guard of Honor, Muree may tour , Cash Reward
    Girls education institute ko free buses transport facility
    Youth festival, Bahar Festival
    Youth sports festival, new 08 world records
    Position holder BA kay student jo tandoor may rotia pakata tha us ko Inamat Taleemi Ikhrajat bardasht kiya.
    Ghareeb bacho kay liya Danish Schook, jis may rehaish khana taleem free, UK USA qualified teachers.
    Arfa Karim Pakistan Youngest Micrisoft Professional kay name par IT Univeristy ka qayam
    Kisanao may Green tractor
    Medical Colleges and University ka qayam , up-Graduation of school and Colleges
    Metro Bus Service
    CNG Bus Service
    Bridges and undr pass, new roads.
    Tareekh ka bad treen silab my rescue and management ur modern villages ki qayam
    Ashiyana housing scheeme
    Criminals an ganster ka khatma
    Corruption sap pak government
    Ya PML-N
    Dungue say cutkara

  2. I am a biggest lover of Mia Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif , i want to be a part of PML-N,.

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