Nawaz to use all options to force Gilani out

LAHORE: PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has promised to use all options within and outside parliament, including agitation and long march, for forcing a convicted prime minister out of his office.


At a press conference held at the party’s Model Town Secretariat on Friday after holding a meeting with the party stalwarts, including the opposition leader Ch Nisar, opposition leader in the Senate Ishaq Dar, party chairman Raja Zafar-ul-Haq and all the four provincial presidents, Nawaz said the office of the prime minister was vacant after the judgment of the Supreme Court on the conviction of Gilani. He claimed that the country was without a legal government after the April 26 judgment of the Supreme Court following which the prime minister and his cabinet did not have any legal status.


He opined that all the government steps after the SC immoral. He again appealed to Gilani to immediately resign, otherwise be prepared for any unpredictable situation, including every sort of demonstrations within and outside the National Assembly, Senate and agitations and long marches.


He appealed to the people to participate in their struggle. He asked the people to be prepared for the agitation and long march as time for the change had arrived. He claimed that they would also talk with the lawyers in this regard.


He claimed the people should not indulge in further interpretation of the constitution regarding presidential immunity after judgment from the SC. He stated he did not find any justification of continuing politics if he did not raise voice against this injustice. He appealed to every patriot to get out of his house for protection of the judiciary.


He claimed Gilani had decided to violate the SC judgment at any cost even if it had given verdict that he would go straight to Multan instead of the Prime Minister’s House. Nawaz deplored that Gilani should have shown his allegiance to the constitution under which he had taken oath of his office instead of exhausting his energies for President Asif Zardari.


Responding to a query that one of the Sharif brothers was voicing against the president while the other had targeted prime minister, Nawaz claimed even the Supreme Court did not recognize Yusuf Raza Gilani as legal PM. He stated he had no personal enmity with anyone but he just wanted to uphold law and constitution.


He stated PPP should not drag the country towards further legal and the constitutional crises. President Asif Zardari is responsible for the prevailing crises, Nawaz said and asked from him as to how many more prime ministers he would sacrifice for his personal gains. He claimed that the entire issue was related to the Swiss Bank as every Pakistani wanted that the plundered wealth should be returned. He stated the stance of his party was very clear, as he had no personal enmity with Zardari or Gilani.


Talking to the media, Nisar criticized the role of National Assembly speaker who allowed Gilani in the middle of question hour session to hold a speech, a few minutes before Friday prayers. He said his party members had boycotted the National Assembly proceedings while their senior leadership was in Lahore to attend this meeting when the convicted PM suddenly joined the proceedings and delivered a speech.


He claimed he recognized Gilani neither an elected MNA nor prime minister, and his act of joining assembly proceedings was an illegal act. Nawaz briefed the media that the PML-N is holding joint session of CWC and parliamentary committee to decide further course of action.