NAB officers to get training from FBI

ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has decided to train its fresh batch of investigation officers from the US agency the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to get expertise in tracing and investigating white collar crimes.

According to sources in the NAB, besides getting the cooperation of the FBI for training of fresh batch of investigation officers, who were recently inducted into the NAB, the bureau will also seek cooperation from the European Union and other top agencies for training of investigation officers.

The sources said it was decided the fresh batch of 260 investigation officers who were recently getting training at the COMSATS, would be sent to the United States for further training to combat the white collar crimes. “The main aim of sending these investigation officers to the US is to improve their standards and bring them at par with the international standard to probe the white collar crimes,” they added.

The sources said the NAB was currently working under 28 percent strength. “We have now recruited over 260 new investigators following a pure transparent and competitive process. Training of these investigators will be completed in the next three-four months’ time. This will strengthen the enforcement,” they added.

The sources went on to say that the NAB had also written to the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) to return the Financial Crime Investigation Wing to the bureau. They said the Financial Crime Wing of NAB was transferred to the FIA during the tenure of the previous government when the former government decided to disband the NAB.

However, the sources said, the FIA had refused to return the Financial Crime Wing to the NAB.They said the NAB had decided to raise the issue with the caretaker government for the return of its Financial Crime Wing from the FIA as during the tenure of the previous government, NAB had been facing difficulties in investigating the white collar crimes because its senior investigation officers, who were earlier working under the wing, were taken by the FIA.

With the transfer of the Financial Crime Wing to the FIA, all the investigation officers who were working under the wing were also transferred to the FIA due to which the NAB was facing difficulties in probing the financial crimes, the sources maintained.