Lion will roar again to safeguard country: Nawaz

PML-N President Nawaz Sharif Monday reiterated his promises to end loadshedding, unemployment and terrorism and put the country back to path of progress.
Addressing a public meeting here as part of his party’s election campaign, the former prime minister said it is the power of people’s vote that elected the government and he was confident that people will vote for the ‘Lions’.
Nawaz said he was there to ask for vote not for him or his party but for the cause of Pakistan. “What sort of a Pakistan do we have where hundreds are killed in Karachi and where people can’t feed their children? We are a respectable party; we keep our moral high ground. Sher will roar on May 11, everyone else will run away.”
He said that after coming to power they would solve the chronic problem of loadshedding for good, eliminate unemployment from the country and provide financial assistance to the youth, besides opening banks in each and every town of the country.
“Electricity is your basic right, once we are in power you will get this basic right… Educated people would be given micro loans so that the unemployed youth might be able to earn their living in a respectable way.” “There is lots of work to be done, we will end load shedding, we will end terrorism, we will progress… I have high expectations of young people; they will be part of the ‘army of the people’ that will bring a turnaround.”
The PML-N chief said he did not play only cricket but also made Pakistan a nuclear power. Nawaz highlighted the achievements of his previous two tenures as prime minister and said if the PML-N had been allowed to complete its tenures, Pakistan would have been put on the road to progress.
“People say Nawaz Sharif took two turns on power but let me explain that our first tenure lasted only for two years while the other for two and a half,” he said, adding, however short-lived his government’s were he performed great amount of work towards the country’s development.
“We made JF Thunder aircraft, carried out nuclear tests, established international airports in Karachi and Lahore, built motorway and other highways, and launched mega projects Gwadar port,” he recalled, adding ‘we will do more work for the country if elected to power on May 11’.
Thanking the people of Okara, Nawaz said he would never forget the love displayed by them. “You have shown so much love for Nawaz Sharif and for PMLN.” He promised that if PMNL-N came to power, the farmers of Okara military farms would be given ownership rights. In the end he urged the masses to vote for the candidates of his party.

(Courtesy: Nation)