Imran playing politics of disruption, instability: Pervaiz Rashid

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Pervaiz Rashid has said that Imran Khan was doing the politics of disruption and instability and that he did not accept supremacy of judiciary and parliament.

The minister said the allegations of Imran Khan carried no weight. He asked if rigging was carried out then who formed the government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He said although it was not mandatory but PTI chief Imran Khan was consulted on the appointment of Chief Election Commissioner. The minister said on May 11, Imran Khan was satisfied with judiciary, caretaker governments and returning officers.

He said the demands of Khan had nothing to do with the government and his demands were with the Election Commission and Chief Election Commissioner.

Imran Khan had threatened the Election Commission and judiciary of long march, he added.

The minister said constant disregard for parliamentary norms and reliance on mass mobilization through public gatherings was not conducive for the future of democracy. It was time to mobilise the masses to rescue internally displaced persons (IDPs) and stand by the soldiers rather than doing politics, he added.

Rashid said Imran Khan had lost his case within the Constitution, independent judiciary, parliament and law. He said Pakistan was passing through a critical phase and fighting war of its survival. But on this occasion when the government and army are busy in helping the IDPs, Imran Khan is trying to worsen the situation. (APP)