Imran can’t win a single seat: Kh Asif

PML-N leader Kh Muhammad Asif has said that Imran Khan is depressed after the failure of his “tsunami” and now a hopeless “Change Khan” is standing at the crossroads.

Commenting on a statement of Imran Khan on Sunday, he said Imran had now realised that he could not win even his own seat in the forthcoming general elections as agencies were not supporting him. He said that after the next election, it would become clear who was considered by the people a lion and who a circus lion.

He said Imran would soon realise his position as he would come out of the dream world after his defeat in the next elections. “Proponents of so-called change have been badly rejected by people in recent by-elections. Those who raise the slogan of change will be treated similarly in the next general elections,” he said, adding that the way people were leaving Tahreek-e-Insaaf, it seemed that after general elections no one would remain in the PTI except Imran himself.