5. Overseas Organisation

Overseas Branches


114.        The Pakistan Muslim League-N shall have its branches in all such countries where fifty or more members of PML-N reside permanently. More than one country may form a joint branch ‘m exceptional circumstances with prior approval of Secretary General PML-N. Notwithstanding the provision in Article 6, foreign passport holders who were born in Pakistan, will also be eligible to become members of an overseas branch.


Organisational Structure


115.       PML-N branches can be set up in each city with 50 or more PML-N members. Such branches, apart from electing their own office bearers will also elect one councillor for every 50 members to the council of the PML-N at the country level. This council will elect the office bearers for the country level branch of the PML-N. In other matters all overseas branches will function on the pattern of a Provincial Muslim League-N and, for that purpose, the provisions of the relevant Articles shall, mutatis mutandis apply. Variations may be made to suit local conditions with the approval of Secretary General PML-N.











116.       Membership fee in each country will be fixed periodically by its Council, which will also determine the manner in which these funds are utilized.



117.       All Overseas branches shall be affiliated with the central organisation of Pakistan Muslim League-N and shall function under its control and supervision.


Organizing Committee


118.        In countries, where a PML-N branch does not exist or in countries in which the branch needs to be re-organized, the President of Pakistan Muslim League-N may appoint an Organizing Committee to establish or re-organize the Overseas branch of the Party and to hold elections at the appropriate time.


Representation on Central Bodies


119.       The President and General Secretary from each Country shall be ex-officio member of the Council and the Convention of PML-N and shall have the power to nominate another member to represent them ‘m the Convention but not in the Council.

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  1. Assalam o alaykum

    I just want to bring few issues in the knowledge of our party media cell..

    1..Haroon rasheed ,Asma chaudry and few other people are writing directly against our party and in the favour of PTI, we have to answer them
    2.PPP media is using fake telephonic call to spoil the image of our chief minster is it not the against of code of conduct.who will answer…….

    Let me ask one thing in the end……INSHA ALLAH WE WILL WIN …..AND IMRAN KHAN I DONT WANT TO SAY YOU …OYYYYEEE We know how to reply but its our party polite and kind response you were jewish agent and you are…..You just stop dreaming……Cuz we are the winner

  2. It dosn’t matter; this type of negative and biased opinion by such people cannot damage PML-N voters……………..

    Best of Luck to all PML-N future MNA and MPA; especially to Mian Sb and Kh.Saad Rafique

  3. Dear Brothers, 1st of all, I congratulate you on Marvelous success of PML (N) in Elections 2013. 2ndly, have you observed that Pakistani Nation rejected abusive campaign & negative approach of PTI and PPPP. So no need to worry and just join hands to strengthen PML (N) at all platforms. In Sha Allah, Pakistan will make Progress under the leadership of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for long. Best of Luck all PML (N) Supporters.

  4. Well done. Congratulations. It is a success, you truly deserved. Allah give you strength to serve Pakistan in the best way!
    Doesn’t matter where we live in the world but your hearts beat for Pakistan. I just want to focus one combined problem of all overseas Pakistanies. The increase in the calling rates for incoming calls to Pakistan was increased upto ~ 800%. Telecommunication Authority has really raised problems for overseas Pakistanis by imposing additional tax on incoming international phone calls. Authority has ignored court’s decisions. Overseas Pakistanis are sending more than $13.18 billion / year. Which is more than tolal export. (And in export profit is only in millions). In past Government ignored overseas Pakistanis. Sometimes Pakistanis are living abroad under financial problems.(especially labor or the Pakistanies without jobs ) And in such situations it is not easy to contact their families and friends in Pakistan if the calling costs are so high. Authority in Pakistan has raised the tax on incoming international calls upto 800%, but the calling rates outside of Pakistan has been increased much much more. I request that please consider this major and combined problem of almost all Overseas Pakistanis so they can be in contact with their family members and friends in Pakistan in an easier way. Thanks a lot!
    Engr. Umar Ch. Germany

  5. Dear ALL
    I am not a political worker nor live in Pakistan . . . . I have just some questions and would appreciate if someone can raise these to get me answers.

    Name of hospital for which people contributed their funds to Imran Khan
    Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

    MISSION STATEMENT OF HOSPITAL (as per hospital website)
    To act as a model institution to alleviate the suffering of patients with cancer through the application of modern methods of curative and palliative therapy irrespective of their ability to pay

    Age Preference
    Younger Cancer patients get preference (which is logical)

    Where is Imran Khan now a days???
    In Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

    Is he a cancer patient?
    Don’t they have any cancer patient to serve?
    How much amount paid by Imran to hospital for admission to hospital?
    Had people contributed for this hospital to accommodate such patients?
    If a person cannot be honest for contribution he was entrusted for a hospital, what he will do if he is entrusted for entire country?

    I feel really sorry for people who choose such people as leaders and pray Allah to bless our nation with prudence to choose right leaders

  6. Good morning Pakistan from china
    Hope you all will be fine charming and enjoying your life with the blessing of Allah.
    We need to establish a plate form for PML N in china as there is no official plate form for the Pakistani people’s who are living in china most of them are students and in one province named jiangxi about 25 students are struggling to have an official head in china so we are in contact with Pakistani students in other universities to have a big overseas Pakistani plate form and for this we request our PML N esteem authority to give us the official right to establish PML N youth wing or PML doctors wing in china.
    Dr Syed waleed shah
    ZS education consultants

  7. Asalam-O-Alaikum,
    Well done. Congratulations. It is a success, you truly deserved. Allah give you strength to serve Pakistan in the best way!
    Doesn’t matter where we live in the world but your hearts beat for Pakistan. I just want to focus one combined problem of all overseas Pakistanies
    Now i am living in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Bangladesh relationship is not so good.
    Kindly do the needful job relationship between Pakistan and Bangaldesh. Lots of Pakistani comunity are living in Bengal for business purpose.

    Hope PMLN Government do the need full job on above mentioned matter and also visa issues.

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