8. Miscellaneous

Amendment of Constitution


139.        The Constitution of Pakistan Muslim League-N may be amended by the Council of Pakistan Muslim League-N by at least two-third majority of the members present and voting on the recommendation of CWC, which will approve the proposed recommendations by at least two third majority members and voting.


Decisions by Majority Vote


140.        All matters shall be decided by majority of votes, provided that if division is demanded at a session, the voting shall be recorded in accordance with the number of members allocated to the provinces under the Constitution.


Powers to make rules


141.        The President shall, with the approval of the Central Working Committee, make rules for carrying’ out the purposes of the Constitution.


Removal of Difficulty


142.        If any difficulty arises ‘in giving effect to any of the provisions of the Constitutions, the President of Pakistan Muslim League-N may make such provisions for the removal of the difficulty as he may deem fit.



Office-bearers to hold Office till Election


143.        If the term of an office-bearer, a member of a Committee or any other body of PML-N expires, he shall continue to perform his duties as such till his successor in office is elected, or as the case may be, nominated by the competent authority.


 Membership of Parliamentary Party for Independent Members


144.       Independent Members of the Parliament or Provincial Assemblies may become members of the Muslim League-N Parliamentary Party in the Parliament or as the case may be, in a Provincial Assembly by signing a pledge to the effect that they shall abide by the decisions or orders of the Parliamentary Party of Pakistan Muslim League-N from time to time.

145.        If any dispute arises between member and party on Principal or aims and objectives of the party, the matter will be referred to 3 members committee constituted by the Party President or the Working Committee.


Performance Reports.


146.       All central office bearers and Provincial Organizations shall forward performance report to the Party President every quarter for presentation to CWC through Secretary General. Likewise, all district organizations and provincial office bearers shall present performance report to respective Provincial President for presentation to Provincial Working Committee through respective General Secretary.

Ethic and Discipline Committee


147.        (a)           There shall be a national and provincial level Ethics and

Discipline Committee


(b)           Respective President shall nominate 5 members committee to


be headed by a senior member in consultation with respective working committee.

(c)           Functions:

(i)            The committee will perform functions of ensuring

that the activities of office bearers at all levels are discharged in accordance with the constitutions of the party and with honesty in light of directions given by the CWC. ”

(ii)           Respective President or Working Committees may

refer complaint against any office bearer of the party to respective ethic and discipline committee for investigation and recommendations to respective president for action.

148.       Any member of the party shall have the right to get a copy of any proceeding/document of the party after paying requisite fee as decided by party from time to time.


149.        (i)            No office bearer of the party will hold govt. and party offices

at a time.

150.       A member or group of member of the party may nominate in writing

any other member/group of the party as delegate to represent him or them and cast his/their vote in party meeting:


” Provided that the so nominated member/members must be the member of that forum. The nominator must inform the party President and Secretary General/General Secretary in writing with his signature 5 days prior to the meeting with the name/names of the delegate.”







151.        In this Constitution,


(a)     “Article” means an Article of the Constitution of Pakistan Muslim League-N,

(b)    “President” means the President of Pakistan Muslim League-N referred to under Article 14.

(c)     “Clause” means clause of the Article of this Constitution.

(d)   “Constitution” means the Constitution of Pakistan Muslim League-N,

(e)     “Local organisation” means a branch of Pakistan Muslim League-N established in a district or a city and organisations under it.

(f)     “Overseas Branch” means a branch of Pakistan Muslim League-N established in a foreign country in accordance with Part V.

(g)    “Part” means part of this Constitution.

(h)    “Citizen” means a citizen of Pakistan as defined by the Citizenship Act, 1952.

(i)     Members, means Pakistani Citizen including overseas Pakistani those living abroad with Pakistan origin and who possess valid party membership card.

(j)     PML-N means Pakistan Muslim League-N

(k)    AJ & K means Azad Jammu and Kashmir

(l)     CWC means Central Working Committee

(m)  Province means Provincial Muslim League-N



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  1. To my knowledge Kot Addu Refinery and Multi Products Pipeline a joint venture with UAE is a successful achievement of Janab Nawaz Sharif. It was only possible with Sh. Zayed love for Nawaz Sharif, since I was part of study review in ADNOC. Why it is not used as achievement of last PMLN Govt?

  2. Heartiest Congratulations to PML-N for their great victory in these general elections.
    silent workers played an excellent role in general elections. according to sohail warraich of GEO TV there are silent workers of PML-N who cook baryani or Plao on election day. they cast their vote to PML-N and enjoy lunch. these are silent voters of PML-N. i request Mian Shahbaz Please change other Punjab also. The Road goes to my village is very bad last ten years please make it new.
    the road goes to L plot Fojian from habib abad city on multan road. recently samina noor elected this area as MPA.
    God bless our nation.

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