1. Introductory

1. The party shall be called Pakistan Muslim League-N.
Aims And Objectives
2. The aims and objectives of the Pakistan Muslim League-N
shall be:
(i) To safeguard and preserve the sovereignty and integrity and to uphold the ideology of Pakistan;
(ii) To uphold and protect the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
(iii) To ensure:-
(a) that the principles of democracy, freedom,
equality, tolerance and social justice as enunciated by Islam are fully observed and enforced in Pakistan;
(b) that the Muslims of Pakistan are enabled to
order their lives in the individual and collective spheres in accordance with the teachings and requirements of Islam as set out in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah;
(c) that the fundamental rights including,
equality of opportunity and before law, social, economic and political justice, and freedom ‘of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship and association, are guaranteed to all citizens of Pakistan,

(d) that the legitimate interests of minorities
are fully safeguarded and they are free to profess and practice their religion;
(e) that special and generous treatment shall be accorded to backward sections of population with a view to accelerate their educational, economic and social progress;
(f) that the independence and impartiality of the judiciary are fully secured and maintained ; and
(g) that practical steps are taken to advance the moral, material, social, economic and cultural life of the nation with a view to enable the people of Pakistan to attain their rightful and honoured place amongst the nations and make their full contribution towards peace, prosperity and progress of humanity.
(iv) to establish and maintain friendly relations with other peace loving
nations of the world and specially to strengthen fraternal relations and solidarity with other Muslim States;
(v) to promote the cause of peace, freedom, justice and democracy throughout the world; and
(vi) to take practical steps from time to time for the achievement and furtherance of these aims.
(vii) Members of PML-N shall uphold the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and shall not undermine the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan public order to public morality or indulge in corrupt practices or terrorism and shall not promote sectarian regional or provincial hatred or animosity.

Party Flag:

3. The flag of Pakistan Muslim League-N shall be green, with a crescent and a star in the middle, as adopted by the All India Muslim League-N.

4 thoughts on “1. Introductory

  1. Heartiest Congratulations to PML-N for their great victory in these general elections.
    silent workers played an excellent role in general elections. according to sohail warraich of GEO TV there are silent workers of PML-N who cook baryani or Plao on election day. they cast their vote to PML-N and enjoy lunch. these are silent voters of PML-N. i request Mian Shahbaz Please change other Punjab also. The Road goes to my village is very bad last ten years please make it new.
    the road goes to L plot Fojian from habib abad city on multan road. recently samina noor elected this area as MPA.
    God bless our nation.

  2. Mian sb es din k lay hum nay bara wait kia hay. ab jb k ye din a gia hay to yaad rakhna k Musharraf ka hissab bhi chukan hay. kahain bhhol mat jana warna hum ap ko bhool jaaen gay. es khabis musharraf ko bhagnay mat dena pls jis ki waja sa pakistan aj es maqam pa hay.

  3. assalam o alekum,

    I am munsif ali babbar, age 43, ex-agri bank employee (May-95 to aug-2002). I started my job search in karachi after termination of my service by ZTBL’s head office officials.

    I am really so glade that a disciplined party whose leaders always keep a highly soft tone and they have really done a lot of lahore and most particularly, PML N listen to people.

    I am leaving my reply in context of one of following aims

    (c) that the fundamental rights including,
    equality of opportunity and before law, social, economic and political justice, and freedom ‘of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship and association, are guaranteed to all citizens of Pakistan,

    and with this I would request all the PML N leaders to please help a law-abiding pakistani , who has a very special case to discuss with PML N leaders. I remained unlucky in the regimes of two parties like PML -Q and peoples party and could never get any job in any other financial institution of pakistan despite my hectic 10 years efforts. Please send any reply on my email address munsif_44@yahoo.co.uk, so that a very special case could be sent to you.

  4. AA: Dear Nawaz / Sharif SB.

    Inshallah i will consecutively update/remind you about the LAWS n RULES engineered by ALLAH and what requisities are inevitable to obtain ALMIGHTY’s consent. Now i start with DEMOCRACY …what is it all about? Is there any concept of prevailing democracy in ISLAM? Does ISLAM suggests democracy as plateform to implement the complete system of ISLAM ? ……… Prior to proceed i wish to have concise comparison about ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY n MAN MADE DEMOCRACY.

    ALLAH orders that VERILY, THEY ARE ATHIEST/PAGANS WHO DON’T EXECUTE ALLAH’S LAWS or gives verdict in the light of ALLAH’S ORDERS (5:44-50)

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