CM urges NGOs to work for educating special children

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that welfare organisations should come forward for provision of educational facilities to special children and in addition to big cities, the scope of such facilities should also be extended to the villages.


He said rehabilitation of persons suffering from mental and physical disabilities through proper education and training could transform them into an excellent human resource.


He said the Punjab government was taking comprehensive measures under an organised programme for rehabilitation of special persons and besides provision of education, training and modern treatment facilities, various skills were also being imparted to them.


He said public-private partnership was also being encouraged in the education and training as well as rehabilitation of special persons.


The chief minister was addressing a meeting of the board of directors of the Punjab Fund for Rehabilitation of Special Persons on Friday.


He said that rehabilitation of special persons was the collective responsibility of the society and NGOs and philanthropists should come forward to play their due role in this regard.


He said arrangements had been made through the Special Education Department in the province for the education and training of special children. He said in addition to provision of free education, transport, textbooks and treatment facilities, comprehensive measures had also been taken for bringing special children into the mainstream.


The CM further said that Punjab government had decided to set up a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre in Lahore for the education, training and treatment of special children. Similarly, he said, provision of proper facilities was also being ensured to special children in the Children’s Hospital as well as DHQ hospitals.


Shahbaz said the provincial government was encouraging active and vibrant NGOs endeavoring for rehabilitation of special persons.


He said not disability but apathy towards the disabled was a crime. He said there was need to promote such values in the society as could encourage special persons.


He said that parents should send such children to the special education centres as education would be a big help to them in leading a normal life.


Advisor Zakiya Shahnawaz, the Planning & Development chairman, secretaries of Health, Finance and Special Education, Punjab Fund for Rehabilitation of Special Persons Vice-Chairman Maratab Ali, Punjab Educational Endowment Fund Vice-Chairman Dr Amjad Saqib and Justice(R) Amir Raza were present.