Ahsan Iqbal field visit of Karachi Canal Project

·         Prof. Ahsan Iqbal, federal Minister Planning and Development along with Federal Secretary Planning & Development, Chairman WAPDA, Engineering Chief Pakistan Army, DG FW, Chief Secretary Baluchistan , Secretary irrigation Baluchistan and Secretary irrigation Punjab made a field visit and aerial inspection of Karachi Canal project, incomplete for last fifteen years.
·         The inspection started from Sui to Rajanpur , and DG Khan covering 300 kms.
·         The minister received presentations from WAPDA, NESPAc and Government of Baluchistan
·         The minister observed that a project originally costing 39 billion now has to be completed at 88 billion. It happened due to lack of project management skill, vision and dedication.
·         The minister also met the notable members of Baluchistan Assembly of Dera Bugti and assured them full cooperation in development of Baluchistan
·         Prof Ahsan Iqbal gave clear instructions to Planning and Development and to provide all facilitation in Government of Baluchistan in development endeavours. He said, “The government assigns top priority to development of Balochistan and believes in action and delivery unlike previous government whose policy was No action talk only.”
·         The Government will provide full support to complete Kacchi Kanal at earliest and Phase 1 to be completed in 2 years
·         He emphasised on the importance of Project Management using bar charts and PM to measure activity agents.
·         However Minister stated that there will be zero tolerance for corruption and incompetency
·         100,000 acres of land has to be irrigated in Phase 1 as prime gift  to the people of Dera Bugti
·         Further the Kanal will go to Kacchi Plain , including Jhal Magsi are included covering an area of 1.04 million acre, of which 617, 727 acres (59.4% is under cultivation) and the remaining 422,273 acres is lieing barren
·         The project started in 2003 had been paused due to extra expenditure for security cover, extra work involved for construction of head regulator of Kacchi Kanal at contract KC-03, drainage measures under concrete lining in Kc-02 and Kc-04 , surface drain for disposal of flood water along Put Feeder Kanal, Hill torrent management works, additional lining of 25 NOs distributaries and minors under Phase-1 (Dera-Bugti portion).