PMLN on the recent wave of unrest in Karachi

کراچی میں ٹارگٹڈ آپریشن کا فیصلہ تمام سیاسی جماعتوں کے درمیان اتفاق ِ رائے کے بعد کیا گیا، سیاسی جماعتوں کے ذمہ دارانہ رویے سے ہی کراچی کے حالات کی خرابی کے پس ِ پردہ ہاتھوں کو بے نقاب کیا جا سکتا ہے، وفاقی حکومت نے یقین دہانی کروائی ہے کہ کسی کے خلاف انتقامی کارروائی نہیں کی جائے گی، جس کے ساتھ بھی زیادتی ہورہی ہے قانون کے دروازے سب کے لئے کھلے ہیں ، قانون نافذ کرنے والے اداروں کے کام میں کوئی سقم ہے تو ہمیں اس کی نشاندہی کرنا ہوگی تاکہ اصلاح کی جاسکے، سیاسی جماعتوں کے درمیان نفاق ڈالنے والے سازشی عناصر پر کڑی نظر رکھنا ہوگی ۔ الزام تراشی کی سیاست سے امن کی کوششوں کو نقسان پہنچے گا، سینیٹر مشاہداللہ خان

پاکستان مسلم لیگ (ن) کے مرکزی سیکرٹری اطلاعات اور سینٹ میں مسلم لیگ (ن) کے پارلیمانی لیڈر سینیٹر مشاہد اللہ خان نے کہا کہ سیاسی جماعتوں کے ذمہ دارانہ رویے سے ہی کراچی کے حالات کی خرابی کے پس ِ پردہ ہاتھوں کو بے نقاب کیا جا سکتا ہے ، انہوں نے کہا کہ وفاقی حکومت نے یقین دہانی کروائی ہے کہ کسی کے خلاف انتقامی کارروائی نہیں کی جائے گی۔ انہوں نے ان خیالات کا اظہار پارٹی سیکرٹریٹ میں صوبہ سندھ سے آئے ہوئے پارٹی کارکنان اور سینئر صحافیوں سے غیر رسمی گفتگو کے دوران کیا ۔ اس دوران سینیٹر مشاہد اللہ خان نے کہا کہا کراچی میںٹارگٹڈ آپریشن کا فیصلہ تمام سیاسی جماعتوں کے درمیان اتفاق ِ رائے کے بعد کیا گیا ۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ امن کی بحالی کی خاطر ہمیں جماعتی اور سیاسی وابستگیوں سے بالاتر ہو کر قانون نافذ کرنے والے اداروں کے ساتھ تعاون کرنا ہوگا ، جس کے ساتھ بھی زیادتی ہورہی ہے قانون کے دروازے سب کے لئے کھلے ہیں ، قانون نافذ کرنے والے اداروں کے کام میں کوئی سقم ہے تو ہمیں اس کی نشاندہی کرنا ہوگی تاکہ اصلاح کی جاسکے۔ مشاہداللہ خان نے کہا کہ سیاسی جماعتوں کے درمیان نفاق ڈالنے والے سازشی عناصر پر کڑی نظر رکھنا ہوگی ۔ الزام تراشی کی سیاست سے امن کی کوششوں کو نقسان پہنچے گا۔


گزشتہ 14سال میں پہلی مرتبہ دہشتگردی کے خلاف پالیسی تشکیل دی جارہی ہے ، دہشتگردی کے خلاف جنگ لڑنے والوں نے زبانی جمع خرچ توبہت کیالیکن قوم کوےکجاکرنے کی کوئی کوشش نہیں کی ،مشاہداللہ خان
پاکستان مسلم لیگ(ن) کی حکومت کے زیراہتمام 9ستمبرکوہونے والی آل پارٹیزکانفرنس ملک میں امن وامان کی بحالی اورریاست کی رٹ کی بحالی میں سنگ میل ثابت ہوگی۔
وفاقی حکومت مکمل تیاری اورواضح ہدف کے ساتھ آل پارٹیزکانفرنس کاانعقادکررہی ہے، آل پارٹیزکانفرنس میں قوم کوےکجاکرنے میں مددملے گی ۔مرکزی سیکرٹری اطلاعات پاکستان مسلم لیگ(ن)

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پاکستان مسلم لیگ(ن) کے مرکزی سیکرٹری ا طلاعات سینیٹرمشاہداللہ خان نے کہاہے کہ گزشتہ 14سال میں پہلی مرتبہ دہشتگردی کے خلاف پالیسی تشکیل دی جارہی ہے ۔انہوں نے کہاکہ دہشتگردی کے خلاف جنگ لڑنے والوں نے زبانی جمع خرچ توبہت کیالیکن قوم کوےکجاکرنے کی کوئی کوشش نہیں کی ۔مشاہداللہ خان نے کہاکہ پاکستان مسلم لیگ(ن) کی حکومت کے زیراہتمام 9ستمبرکوہونے والی آل پارٹیزکانفرنس ملک میں امن وامان کی بحالی اورریاست کی رٹ کی بحالی میں سنگ میل ثابت ہوگی ۔انہوں نے کہاکہ وفاقی حکومت مکمل تیاری اورواضح ہدف کے ساتھ آل پارٹیزکانفرنس کاانعقادکررہی ہے ۔مشاہداللہ خان نے کہاکہ آل پارٹیزکانفرنس میں قوم کوےکجاکرنے میں مددملے گی ۔

Extortionists be dealt with iron hand: CM

CHIEF Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that the extortionists should be dealt with iron hand and an effective strategy should also be evolved for elimination of street crimes.

He said that modern technology should be benefitted for curbing crimes and the process of computerising all police stations should be completed at the earliest. He said that Lahore should be made a role model for eradication of crimes and solid measures should also be taken for eliminating crimes in all other districts.

He was presiding over a high-level meeting with regard to eliminating street crimes and extortionists, at Chief Minister’s Office, here Wednesday.

Addressing the meeting, Shahbaz Sharif said that nothing can be more important than protection of life and property of the people and police will have to fulfill its responsibilities in this regard. He said that all possible resources were provided to the police during last five years but desired results could not be achieved. He said that steps are also being taken for equipping police with latest technology and imparting training on modern lines but after provision of all these facilities, police will have to show results. Shahbaz Sharif said that elimination of street crimes is vital and police should evolve a coordinated strategy, make controlling system effective and depute additional force in high crime rate areas and senior officers should personally carry out patrolling in their respective areas. He warned that no negligence in curbing crimes will be tolerated. Shahbaz Sharif said that the performance of officers will be monitored regularly. He said that anti-terrorism force is also being set up in the province and directed that best officials should be selected and their training should be arranged at Elite Training School. He directed that the process of recruitment of new sub-inspectors through Punjab Public Service Commission should be got completed at the earliest. He said that service rules and regulations of all officials, including sub-inspectors should be given final shape in seven days.

Shahbaz Sharif said that making the province weapon-free is of great importance for curbing crimes. He directed that a policy should immediately be evolved in this regard and submitted in next meeting. He said that formal approval of this policy will be taken from the cabinet and after approval, it would be implemented vigorously. He said that patwari culture and corruption has been eliminated due to land record project. He directed that foolproof security arrangements should be made for the protection of foreigners working on various projects in Punjab. He said that police should adopt the merit policy in providing justice irrespective of any consideration.

Earlier, Chief Secretary, Home Secretary and Inspector General Police gave detailed briefings with regard to law and order situation in the province.

(Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan)

Federal Cabinet for strict, across the board targeted action in Karachi

KARACHI, Sept 4 (APP): The Federal Cabinet Wednesday decided an across-the-board strict and targeted action against terrorists and other criminals to restore peace in Karachi, after holding multi-dimensional deliberations here at the Governor House. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah will command this operation, while Rangers and federal intelligence agencies will support provincial government. Their services will be on the disposal of the Chief Minister. The Federal Government will be fully on his back, said Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, while briefing journalists after the cabinet meeting. He was flanked by Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan, Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid. Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif chaired the Federal Cabinet meeting. It was also attended by the Sindh Governor and the Chief Minister, heads of provincial and federal law enforcing and intelligence agencies.
The meeting discussed in detail Karachi’s law and order situation and its possible solutions.
The interior minister informed the reporters about the importantdecisions taken by the cabinet.
The cabinet formed a committee, headed by the Chief Minister, which would comprise heads of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
Besides, an operational committee headed by the director general of Rangers has been set up. A representative of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) will also be included in it, which will meet at least once a week.
Another committee comprising representatives of civil society, retired bureaucrats and journalists will be formed, he said. It will monitor the operation against terrorists, kidnappers, extortionists and street criminals, so it may not be assumed that the plan is against a particular section of society, groups, or has certain political agenda, he added.
For addressing legal issues and concerns, a legal committee has been constituted to revise and formulate laws, if needed.
It will include Prosecutor General of Pakistan and MQM Senator Barrister Farogh Nasim as a legal expert.
The Interior Minister said the Rangers had been given extra powers so that they could arrest and investigate the accused.
Rangers complain that due to lack of investigation powers the criminals can easily get themselves freed, he said.
He said that federal intelligence agencies submitted a long list of criminals before the Cabinet, who were involved in heinous crimes but were scot free.
He said the Cabinet also assigned the Inspector General of Police the task of revamping the police and making it capable enough to efficiently deliver its duties.
The Interior Minister said some more important decisions were also taken,but being of sensitive nature those could not be made public. However, thesewould be visible in the planned actions that follow.
Nisar said that despite being governments of different parties in Sindh and at the Centre, they have decided to stand together for bringing peace in Karachi, a very important city of the country and an international economic hub.
All the major political parties, businessmen, intellectuals, journalists and the people in general have praised and supported the Federal Government’s initiatives and efforts for restoring law and order in the city, Nisar said.
He said the socio-economic conditions here affected the entire country. Peaceful and prosperous Karachi meant a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.
“It is not the time to do politics but to join hands with all sincerity and seriousness to maintain peace and security of life and property in Karachi,” he said.
The Interior Minister informed the media about the features of the action plan.
He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had flown here and spent two very busy days exclusively to find a viable and permanent solution to the Karachi issue, which had become a serious concern not only for the Karachiites, but for the entire country.
He said Nawaz Sharif had thorough consultations and detailed discussions with heads of law enforcing and intelligence agencies, senior journalists invited from all over the country, representatives of all the main political parties and groups, business leaders representing trade and industryof the entire country before holding a marathon cabinet session.
He took very important decisions on normalising the city environment and to ensure better law and order here.
“Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has come here neither in the capacity of Prime Minister nor as the PML-N chief, but as a Pakistani to share sorrows of Karachiites and help bring peace and prosperity to them,” he added.
Nisar said that the Cabinet recommended an immediate action against the unregistered SIMs in the country, which are reported to be over four million.
The cellular companies will be compelled to issue their SIMs under a clear policy and guideline, he said.
He said the Cabinet was informed by the law enforcing agencies that cancellation of unregistered SIMs would greatly help control crimes in Karachi.
He said a police station in each district of Karachi would be made a modelwhere the rangers would be part of investigation teams.
He thanked Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah for endorsing and supporting almost all the decisions taken at the Federal Cabinet meeting.
He also thanked the Sindh Governor for facilitating the entire process of consultations and deliberations aimed at finding solution to the Karachi issue.
He said PML-N led Federal Government respected the mandate of Pakistan Peoples Party and Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) in Sindh and all other political parties in the country.
Nisar said he would hold a press conference in Islamabad about the government’s planned action against Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan and other banned organisations. Some very important decisions have been taken which cannot be announced here, he said.
He sought media’s support to the government’s positive actions keeping in view the welfare of the people and interests of the country.
He urged the media to show responsibility while reporting, especially on the issues of national importance.
“Please, help us. Be our eyes and ears,” he appealed to the media.
Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah praised Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for taking initiatives and extending full support to the Sindh Government in restoring peace and security in Karachi.
He noted that the Prime Minister had very fruitful meetings with the city stakeholders, including the representatives of all major political parties and groups, on Karachi issue.
He said the Prime Minister sought opinion in the cabinet meeting on the demand for deployment of army in Karachi to maintain law and order there. But, the meeting differed to the demand and supported an operation led by the rangers, he added.
Qaim Ali Shah said Karachi is the issue of entire nation. Every
one is concerned over law and order problem in the city. Federal Government has come forward to help Sindh Government in this regard, he added.
He said this action plan could be expanded and even, if needed, the laws could be amended.
PPP, PML-N and MQM have their own political agendas, but on Karachi all these are on the same page and have only one agenda, he said.
Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan thanked the Prime Minister and cabinet members for taking important decisions and making sincere efforts to ensure peace and security in Karachi, which is a mini Pakistan.

(Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan)

Government to develop 6,600 MW Gaddani energy park: Ahsan

ISLAMABAD, Sep 4 (APP): Minister for Planning and Development, Ahsan Iqbal has said that the government is planning to develop 6,600 MW coal based Gaddani energy park with the assistance of Chinese companies. Ahsan Iqbal said during his visit to a 900 Mega Watt Puttalam Coal Power Plant being set up by Chinese company in coastal of Colombo, Sri Lanka, according to a press statement received here on Wednesday. He was accompanied by senior officials of Water and Power and Foreign Ministries. He said the experience of Sri Lanka is very relevant in this regard.

“Pakistan wants to utilize more coal, hydel, and gas for power generation and move away from furnace oil based power generation as oil prices have increased many fold and enhanced per unit generation cost”, he added.
Ahsan Iqbal further said that energy security is the top most priority of Nawaz Sharif government.
“Pakistan and Sri Lanka have strong bonds of friendship and present government wants to build strong economic foundations of this relationship”, he added.

(Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan)

Interior Minister pleads media to exhibit responsibility on critical matters

KARACHI, Sept 4 (APP): Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Wednesday appealed to media to show professional responsibility and keep in view the national interests while reporting especially the critical issues. During a media briefing, here at the Governor House after Federal Cabinet meeting, the Minister rejected the media reports that Sindh Inspector General of Police and Sindh Chief Secretary had been changed in the wake of planned action against criminals in Karachi. “Neither IGP nor CS is changed. But some TV channels aired such reports without confirmation,” he regretted.
He also emphasised that media should avoid creating an impression that the Federal Government was encroaching upon the provincial autonomy by its involvement in the planned action against terrorists and criminals in Karachi.
Rather, he said, federal intelligence agencies and rangers were being put at the disposal of the Chief Minister.
The rangers were deployed in Sindh since 1996 to assist the provincial agencies in maintaining law and order, he pointed out.
Karachi is very important city not only of Sindh but of Pakistan, he said.
The Federal government could act in emergency and have a solo flight on Karachi issue. But, he said, it moved very carefully and according to law and the Constitution.

(Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan)

Govt top priority to maintain law, order in Karachi: Mushahid

ISLAMABAD: Central Secretary Information Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Mushahid Ullah Khan on Tuesday said maintaining law and order in Karachi was the top priority of the government.
The people who were saying that the government had lost the opportunity to maintain law and order in Karachi were undermining its efforts to restore peace in the metropolis, Mushahid Ullah said in a statement issued here.
The PML-N spokesman said it was vital to take all political parties into confidence for improving law and order in Karachi.
He said that All Parties Conference (APC) would help the government to formulate joint strategy, adding that government wanted to go ahead with consensus incorporating suggestions of all segments of society.
Mushahid Ullah said that Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) would have an opportunity to convince other political forces of the country about its stance during the APC.

(Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan)

Govt to provide all facilities to pilgrims: Sardar Yousaf

ISLAMABAD, Sep 4 (APP): Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Sardar Muhammad Yousaf has said the government will provide all facilities to the pilgrims during Hajj. He said that the objective of the government would be provision of facilities to the pilgrims during hajj. Sardar Yousaf said that the 20 percent cut in Hajj quota would be equally distributed among the pilgrims of government and private schemes. The Minister said that 143,000 hujjaj would perform hajj from Pakistan in this year after the 20 percent cut in the quota.

Talking to Pakistan television channel, Sardar Yousaf said that his Saudi Arabian visit was successful adding that he had met important Saudi officials like secretary general of Rabita -Alam-e-Isami, Abdullah Bin Abdul Hasan Al-Tarraki, Saudi Hajj minister and others.
He added that they assured best possible Hajj facilities for Pakistani pilgrims.
Replying to a question,he said that the government is committed to promote the tolerance and respect for each other beliefs in the country.
He urged the religious scholars to guide the people for unity and harmony to maintain peace and stability in the country.

(Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan)

Effective strategy to be adopted for peace in Karachi: PM

KARACHI, Sept 4 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Wednesday said that an effective strategy would have to be adopted for maintenance of peace in Karachi. He made these remarks while addressing a special meeting of the Federal Cabinet at the Governor House here. The Prime Minister said that there prevails a general impression that the police has failed to control the crimes in the port city. He said that in the past the recruitment in police had been made on political grounds and on the basis of ‘Sifarish’ (reference).
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif stated that officers of some other departments were posted in police on higher positions.
He said that the idea of handing over Karachi to the army, was premature.
The Prime Minister stated that appropriate action is not being taken against the criminal elements, as those involved in crimes succeed in obtaining an early release.

(Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan)

Special force to be raised for tackling heinous crimes: PM

KARACHI, Sept 4 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday hinted at raising a special force to tackle heinous crimes and terrorism in order to address the law and order problems in the Sindh metropolis. He was talking to media men in an interaction at the Governor House here. The Prime Minister said that the new force would be a civilian entity with recruitment purely on merit, which would be trained on the pattern of army. Such a force can be raised in six months to one year’s time, he added. Nawaz Sharif emphasised the need of enhancing the capacity of police at the provincial and federal levels and also called for undertaking long term measures.
The Prime Minister said that he was in the city for the last two days, meeting representatives of the people, local heads of political parties and of the provincial administration to elicit opinion, suggestions and recommendations in order to formulate an effective and sustained strategy for resolving the law and order problem.
He said that the interaction with media was also aimed at seeking suggestions from senior journalists in order to help address the Karachi situation.
On the occasion, the Prime Minister asked the senior anchors and journalists present at the meeting to come up with their suggestions and recommendations.
He said that extra-ordinary measures were required to restore peace in the metropolis and help eliminate the incidents such as extortion, kidnapping for ransom and mobile and vehicle snatching etc.
Quoting figures, he said that in the year 2011 there were 300 incidents of car snatching in Karachi, which had increased to about 1,000 in 2013.
The Prime Minister said everyone agreed on an operation without any delay as the business in Karachi, which is the commercial hub of the country, was suffering. There were instances in which some of the businessmen had moved out of the city.
He said that Karachi was the city that belonged to the entire country and on its prevailing law and order situation everyone was pained.
He said that opinions and recommendations were being sought from all the stakeholders to evolve an effective strategy for streamlining the situation.
He said that the viewpoint of political parties, including the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), would also be sought for improving the law and order situation in the metropolis and that they would be kept onboard.
Nawaz Sharif said that he desired to come up with concrete steps for restoring peace in Karachi and the federal government would play an effective role.
He also called for streamlining the process of investigation and prosecution to ensure that the accused are brought to book and the criminals get punishment from the courts.
The Prime Minister pointed out that some 450 accused, who were involved in heinous crimes, were moving scot free. Action should be taken against them, he added.
He said that a team was working as to what amendments in laws could be introduced for provision of speedy justice and for this the input of judiciary would be also sought.
Nawaz Sharif said that the required amendments in the law would also be undertaken.
He also agreed with a journalist that many of the crimes were committed with the usage of mobile phones and a policy at national level would have to be framed to tackle the problem of unregistered SIMs.
Prime Minister Sharif said that for the maintenance of law and order, the federal government would extend every assistance to the provinces.
A senior anchorperson, on the occasion, suggested that for the restoration of law and order in the metropolis, the law enforcement agencies be given a free hand within legal parameters.
Another was of the view that for a successful operation, a consensus be forged among all the stakeholders and that the ‘Swat operation’ should serve as a model.
Yet another opined that judicial reforms should be undertaken.
An electronic media journalist stressed that the sense of fear among the residents of Karachi be brought to an end.
A senior journalist opined that constable to population ratio in the metropolis be improved and that high police officers be held accountable in case of any serious crime in their jurisdiction.
A senior anchorperson maintained that out of 29,000 strong police force in the metropolis, some 10,000 were performing security duty with the very important persons (VIPs).
A television journalist believed that Karachi problems would not be resolved without a ‘political will’.
An editor maintained that the political appointees in the Sindh Police be terminated.
Another editor believed that ‘operation’ in Karachi was inevitable.
Yet another editor opined that no ‘operation’ was required, but sustained measured were needed to overcome the Karachi problem.
A female television journalist stressed that policies framed must be implemented.
A senior anchorperson suggested that an effective system of monitoring be implemented to check illegal SIMs.
The participants were appreciative of the Prime Minister’s initiative to come to Karachi for resolving the law and order problem.
Federal Minister for Information Pervaiz Rashid, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif were also presaent on the occasion.

(Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan)