PML-N to take all political parties to resolve issues: Pervaiz Rashid

ISLAMABAD, Jul 30 (APP): Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Pervaiz Rashid on Tuesday said that his party wanted to bring all political parties to resolve the issues including terrorism, being faced by the country.The incident of Dera Ismail Khan had united all political stakeholders, he added.Talking to private TV channels, Pervaiz said that government had played an active role in its first fifty days to overcome challenges including terrorism,energy and economy.A positive development was witnessed in law and order situation in Balochistan and Karachi due to the serious steps of the government, he said, adding that many criminal gangs had been arrested in Karachi.
To a question, he said that PTI Chairman, Imran Khan would be briefed on the law and order situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as it was most affected area of terrorism.
Information Minister said that Justice (Retd) Wajeeh ud Din did not raise any objection on polling day for presidential election. The election were held accordance with the constitution, he added.
Pervaiz said that his party accepted the mandate of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) because people elected them in general election.
He said that the PML-N government wanted to work with all political parties to move forward for the development of Pakistan.
He observed that after two years PML-N would get majority in Senate as well.
Good results were being produced due to effective foreign policy of the government, he added, saying that Chinese companies were going to invest in energy sector.
He said that government was taking steps to steer the national institutions out from crisis.

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Pervaiz Rashid terms PPP decision not to take part in presidential elections as unfortunate

ISLAMABAD, Jul 30 (APP): Minister for Information and Broadcasting,Pervaiz Rashid Tuesday said that Pakistan People Party (PPP) decision not to take part in the presidential election was unfortunate.Talking with media outside the parliament house, he said,the PPP had participated in the general elections 2002 under a dictator which elected dictator Pervez Musharraf as the president.Pervaiz Rashid said that the holding of Presidential elections was a wish of the people which was being fulfilled today.He said Mamnoon Hussain would follow the constitution and law of the land after winning the presidential election.
He said following the May 11 General Elections, Pakistan had moved forward a long way and now the international companies were investing in the country and stock exchange position had improved.
The minister said “today the country will complete another phase of democracy where one President will go and the next will come through the power of ballot while earlier the Presidents were sent home in different methods of high handedness.”
He expressed the hope that during the next five years the democracy would be strengthened.
The Minister said that two third of the electoral college for the Presidential elections was taking part in the polls and a major opposition party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf was also taking part.
About PPP leader Raza Rabbani,the Minister said that his democratic credentials were very strong and hoped that he would maintain them.
To a question he said President Asif Ali Zardari was the constitutional president of the country and PML-N respected him.
“We are happy that President Asif Ali Zardari is completing his five years tenure and we will also respect him in future too.”
To another question he said MQM has extended unconditional support to PML-N in the presidential elections. He said PML-N is doing the politics of principles.
“We have respected the mandate of the people of the country and allowed other parties to form their governments where they have majority.”

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Govt adopting reconciliation policy: Pervaiz Rashid

ISLAMABAD, Jul 30 (APP): Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Pervaiz Rashid on Monday said that PML-N government had adopted the policy of reconciliation with Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) as people had showed their confidence on it in general election.The PML-N was ready to work with all political stakeholders having mandate, to steer the country out from the challenges including loadshedding,terrorism and economy, he added.Talking to a private TV channel, Pervaiz appreciated the leadership of MQM for unconditional support, adding that PML-N respected the mandate of people.To a query, the minister said that PML-N’s leader Rana Sanaullah had been asked to follow and support the reconciliation policy of party regarding MQM.
He said that PML-N had also respected the mandate of other parties in KPK and Balochistan despite of having ability to form its government in both provinces. The PML-N believe in strong democracy, he added.
He said that PML-N also cooperated former PPP-led government to complete its five year term.

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Mamnoon Hussain elected as president

ISLAMABAD, July 30 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidate Mamnoon Hussain on Tuesday became the 12th President of the country after securing overwhelming majority in the election.He was polled 432 electoral votes against 77 to his only rival Justice (retd) Wajihuddin Ahmad of the Pakisatan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).The result of the polling held at the Parliament House Islamabad and all provincial assemblies, was announced by Chief Election Commissioner Justice (retd) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim.As many as 314 members of the Parliament cast their votes here and nine of them were declared invalid. The winning candidate Mamnoon Hussain secured 277 votes and Wajihuddin Ahmad 34.Twenty-seven electoral votes were cast in the Sindh Assembly, out of them 25 were polled to Mamnoon Hussain and two by Wajihuddin.
Mamnoon Hussain secured 55 votes out of 56 cast in Balochistan Assembly,while Wajihuddin could get only one vote.
Fifty-seven electoral votes were cast at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly,where Wajihuddin took the lead by bagging 36 votes against Mamnoon Hussain, who got 21.
Out of total 58 electoral votes validly cast at the Punjab Assembly, Mamnoon Hussain received 54 and Wajihuddin 4.
Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians and its aliies Awami National Party and Balochistan National Party-A boycotted the presidential election.
The Chief Election Commissioner, while announcing the result, said the elections were free and fair.

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PM felicitates President-elect Mamnoon Hussein

ISLAMABAD, Jul 30: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Tuesday felicitated President-elect Mamnoon Hussein on his election as the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Prime Minister expressed the hope that the newly-elected President would come up to the expectations and trust reposed in him by the peoples’ representatives.
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Govt. committed to Balochistan’s development: PM

ISLAMABAD, Jul 30 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said his government was committed to working for the welfare, progress and prosperity of Balochistan.In a meeting with former prime minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali at PM’s Chamber here at the Parliament House, Nawaz Sharif said mega developmental projects in collaboration with Chinese government would be beneficial for the development of Balochistan.Both the leaders exchanged views on overall political situation in the country and the presidential election. Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali thanked the Prime Minister for his initiatives for mainstreaming and developing Balochistan. He expressed the hope that the province would benefit from the government’s measures.

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PPP should not have boycotted Presidential poll on flimsy grounds: PM

ISLAMABAD, Jul 29 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Monday said no political party had boycotted the May 11 general elections and Tuesday’s presidential election should not have been boycotted by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on flimsy grounds. Presiding over the PML-N Parliamentary Party meeting at the Parliament House, the Prime Minister said May 11 elections were held on time in spite of the extremely dismal security situation prevailing in the country at the time. He said that successful transition of power from one civilian government to another has been effected in the wake of May 11 general elections in the country that manifests the upholding of democratic principles and must be taken forward by all political parties. He further said that we have left behind the politics of late 1980’s and 90’s which was largely based on personal vendetta.
The Prime Minister said that presidential nominee of PML-N, Mamnoon Hussein was a man of integrity and commitment and was fully capable of holding the exalted office of President of Pakistan.
His election will add to the respect and dignity of the party, its allies and Pakistan, the Prime Minister observed.
Alluding to presidential nominee’s unblemished democratic credentials, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hoped that Mamnoon Hussein, after being elected President, will come up to the nation’s trust and exhorted the Parliamentary Party members to come on time on Tuesday for the presidential voting.
On this occasion, Mamnoon Hussein also canvassed parliamentarians for voting in his favor. Describing the office of President as the symbol of federation, he pledged to serve the country and its people in his capacity as President.
The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction that democracy was taking root in the country with the upholding of rule of law and supremacy of the constitution.
“With tomorrow’s presidential election, President will be stepping into the shoes of his predecessor and this should have been taken in the right stride by the opposition parties. Democratic era has ushered in the country and we have to move on this democratic path steadfastly and with courage by upholding the sanctity of the ballot box,” the Prime Minister commented.
He also briefed the Parliamentary Party meeting about his recent visit to China. Enumerating the agreements and accords signed between the two neighboring countries during his visit, he said their implementation will turn out to be a game changer for Pakistan and the region.
The Prime Minister also underlined the importance of improving the security situation in the country as economic growth and improved law and order go hand in hand.
He said that with improved security situation, the country will achieve economic growth, foreign direct investment and overall development.
During the meeting, Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif briefed in detail about the current energy situation in the country and also outlined the broad contours of the National Energy Policy ready to see the light of the day in the coming days.

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PM condoles death of cricket commentator

ISLAMABAD, July 29 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Monday condoled the death of renowned cricket commentator Muneer Hussain, who passed away in Karachi earlier in the day.The Prime Minister, in his message of condolence, said the late commentator was widely known and liked by millions of cricket lovers for his lively commentary on sports.Paying tribute to the legendary commentator, the Prime Minister said commentator Muneer Hussain would always be remembered and revered by cricket fans in the country. The Prime Minister prayed to the Almighty to bless the departed soul with eternal peace and grant courage to the bereaved family to bear the loss with fortitude.

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Pakistan: Stronger Ties with US Would Help Afghan Peace Efforts

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s new government, headed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, says it seeks deepened economic, trade and political ties with the United States despite differences over how to conduct joint anti-terror efforts. Ahead of an expected visit by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, a key member of Pakistan’s cabinet tells VOA that close cooperation is also vital for a smooth security transition and stability in neighboring Afghanistan after most American troops leave that country by the end of next year.

Pakistan has been a vital partner in the U.S.-led war against terrorism but its role has always been marred by controversies mainly because of allegations Islamabad never broke ties with the Islamist Taliban leading the insurgency in Afghanistan.

However, Islamabad and Washington have come closer in recent months in a bid to jump-start long-awaited peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. The efforts faced major setbacks in recent weeks but officials in Islamabad expect that Kerry’s visit might resurrect the Afghan reconciliation process. It came to a halt because of President Hamid Karzai’s objections to the opening of a Taliban office in Qatar in June.

In a wide-ranging interview, Pakistan’s minister for planning and development, Ahsan Iqbal, told VOA that as Afghanistan’s immediate neighbor, his country will be the first to suffer in the absence of a smooth security and political transition. He noted the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s and subsequent civil war in the 1990s caused up to four million Afghans to seek refuge in Pakistan. He said about three million refugees still live in the country, a strain on the national economy, while the dislocated population is also partly blamed for the rise in militancy on both sides of the border.

“Therefore, we need to work very closely. We need to have great cooperation between United States, other NATO countries and Pakistan so that we can manage this transition in a peaceful manner,” said Iqbal. “My greatest worry is not just 2014, but post-2014 because in the last 10 years there was a big war economy which was constructed in Afghanistan and, as the [foreign] forces and the military withdraws from Afghanistan, this war economy will collapse and this is going to cause many dislocations. Now again, if there is an influx of Afghan refugees or unemployed Afghan youth who come to Pakistan, we would have very serious implications,” said the minister. (Courtesy: Voice of America )

Overcoming energy crisis, terrorism govt priorities: Pervaiz Rashid

ISLAMABAD, July 29 (APP): Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid has said that the government’s top priorities were to overcome the energy crisis and maintain peace and stability in the country.He said restoration of peace and overcoming the energy crisis was essential to bring foreign investment and economic stability in the country.Pervaiz Rashid said the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) should have opted for a review petition to get a new date for election rather bycotting the same.The Information Minister said that the government would implement the court decisions in letter and spirit.Talking to a private television channel, he said that both the Pakistan Muslim League-N and the PPP had signed the Charter of Democracy, which should be followed for the continuity and stability of democratic system in the country.
Pervaiz Rashid said that the government desired to resolve issues with consensus.
He said in the past democracy was derailed by the non-democratic forces. Restoration of the 1973 Constitution along with reforms for provincial autonomy was a landmark achievement of all the political forces, he added.

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